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  • WEGA Nova 2 Group Programming

    Hi Everyone,

    Not sure if this is the right section of the forums for this but I am trying to reprogram some of the EVD buttons on a WEGA Nova 2 Group machine I have. I followed the directions from the company that I purchased the machine off but now the buttons that I have tried to program no longer work. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you got the user manual? What is the procedure your following?


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      It didn't come with a user manual, however, I found one online and I also called the techs from the company to walk me through the reprogramming. I switched the machine in to programming mode, pressed the PROG/STOP button, pressed the dose button I wished to reprogram, pressed the PROG/STOP button once the correct dosage had been poured, then switched the machine back off programming mode. After the first button I tried to reprogram stopped working using that method, the tech instructed me that I had to reprogram all the buttons for that to work, I then applied those steps to each button which has now resulted in the machine not pouring from any buttons. It will still pour from the manual switch though.


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        Step #2,,,, Press Stop Button ( 4 - 6 sec or so) Till All the Buttons (on the RHS group) Light up and Flash.
        Then proceed with the the reprogramming*.
        * ON the Right Hand Side Group as this controls all groups.

        If you wish to set up a grouphead OR an individual button uniquely then you can do so on other groupheads / button other then the RHS group obv.

        ^ Tip.... before you try to setup the programming, run your test shots manually timing / measuring shot out.'Taste, adjust rerun and dial in.
        Be particular with dose accuracy throughout as then only the grind / tamp will require adjustment.

        If you do so you'll find that programming will run more straightforward and will be more accurate.

        Once programs set - best to - switch off reset mode ( the toggle button up under the RHS group) Then switch machine off at main rotary switch so that the settings saved.

        Good Luck. And welcome to CS 's!
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