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Scale on brew valve pro 700

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  • Dipendente
    Hi Cats,

    That looks like it is only a minor amount of scale

    Even filtered Melbourne water will have minerals in it - I am also in Melbourne

    I have an ECM Mechanika Profi which has the same E61 group as the Profitec. I pull it apart for the occasional lube and there is always a very tiny about of scale.

    My supply local supply is South East Water and their stated hardness is between 12 – 45 mg/L, which is quite soft. This is still enough for the kettle to get scale and for the Mechanika to require a boiler descale after about 18 months. As soon as pressure gauge becomes sluggish I know it's time.

    Who is your water supplier?

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  • Cats
    started a topic Scale on brew valve pro 700

    Scale on brew valve pro 700

    I hav significant scale on the brew valve of a 6 month old profitec pro 700 (see pics).

    The mushroom looks perfect (it is stainless steel)

    I have been using a brita C150 finest on melbourne water so i do not think that there is significant calcium in the water..

    Is this common? The brass cam shaft looks perfect.

    Im assuming that the stainless is far less susceptible to scale and the boilers ahould therefore be fine..


    Whats the best way to descale it? Given the valve is attached and i dont want to risk damaging it trying to remove it, or ruin the rubber with any sort of cleaning solution.

    It is also on the rubber which has me confused..
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