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Rocket R58 V2 faults?

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  • Rocket R58 V2 faults?

    Picked up a used 2013 model Rocket R58 V2 (dream machine) from a store in Qld and I am probably going to have to return it, came with a 90 day warranty etc. Ad mentioned the machine having a service and descale before it was sold, but I don't have the itemized service record.

    Before I return the machine I thought I would post here for an idea of what is going on;

    I have checked the PID / water supply settings and it is set to defaults and to run from tank. The main functions seem to be working and the machine steam pressure sits on 1.4 bars approx and when the water is coming through group I did see 9 bar on the gauge when using a blind filter.

    1. Leak from pressure release into drip tray sometimes when putting the water tank, just runs and runs a stream of water out of the OPV valve into the drip tray
    2. There is a leak inside the case, at this stage I don't want to remove the case or anything until I contact the shop, might be from above , maybe leaking out of the water tank above
    3. Intermittently raising the lever does nothing (not low water light flashing) but I can run the hot water and after a while triggers the pump which seems to mean the auto fill is working
    4. There is an internal leak which drips cold water out of the bottom of the case intermittently but I can't see where it is coming from at this stage (I will open the case if I get approval from the selling shop, if not I will just return it)

    Any thoughts? I am pretty familiar with HX machines but this rotary pump, dual boiler is a bit out of my comfort zone.

    In any case I will give them a call tomorrow and look at the process of returning it for repair or refund.

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    Hope it was cheap. Sounds like it has a few issues. I hope they fix it to being a good machine, rather than patch it till the 90 days is up...


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      In my opinion, get your money back and shop elsewhere. No way I'd trust someone who has advertised a machine as "serviced" that immediately presents multiple faults. Who knows what else they've missed or bodged up. They are either incompetent or just don't care.


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        1. Looks like the expansion valve may have been done but wasn't set correctly. Easy fix
        2 and 3. Speculate overfill. Perhaps the boiler probe requires cleaning or minor leak in the inlet pathway
        4. Possible leak from tank coupling (minor issue)

        All of these are simple fixes and no reason to ditch a machine obtained at a good price.


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          Thanks for the comments, it is a nice machine I will contact the seller and see what they they offer to resolve the issues.

          Unusually for me I paid quite a high price for a second hand item, so for the price I paid the machine should be 100% working especially as it stated a full service was completed including descale.

          However the R58 machines are pretty rare and don't come up for sale often so if the issues can be resolved quickly I am pretty sure I will keep the machine.


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            All good then. Sounds like it needs a service tech who actually knows what he/she is doing. Way, way too many butchers out there who should stick to meat.


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              Well I think I may have overreacted initially.

              All the problems I think were just from not seating the water tank properly.

              I ran the machine all day yesterday, made 3-4 coffees, as a precaution I removed the sides and top so I could see inside. Not a drop of water leaked internally and no issues with water from the group when raising the lever. The anti-vac valve was sticky and looking a bit old so I have replaced with a brand new one from my spares box. The expansion valve did drop the odd bit of water in the drip tray during the day but mostly after a backflush or running a shot but I think this is normal.

              So I think it is def a keeper!


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                That's excellent RB, what a relief.


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                    Good to hear it's going. Will be around shortly!


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                      Haha, any are snobs welcome!

                      You just might have to watch the coffee being made via Zoom and I can slide a contactless coffee out the office door.

                      Here is a pic of the machine (surprisingly similar to other R58 but I think this one looks better as it mine, all mine!);

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	R58_pic.jpg Views:	0 Size:	153.1 KB ID:	825310