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Expobar 2 Group project

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  • Expobar 2 Group project

    Just swapped a machine for this beastie, 2009 model Expobar 2 group volumetric 15 amp machine.

    Couple of pics below, rough looking inside but it is maninly coffee grit/dust and oil.

    So far I have powered up and the pump, heating element and right hand group seem to be working.

    The left hand group electronics are working (and trigger the pump) but no water is coming from the group. Boiler is a massive 11.5 litres, bit bigger than I am used to with the domestic or prosumer machines I normally work on.

    My test rig of a 15amp-10amp Ampibian and a cheap water dispenser pump fired up this machine ok, but I had to moved the pump to a different power point as it tripped an RCD as must have drawn over 10 amps.

    Click image for larger version

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    Any thoughts on the left hand group not producing water? I am thinking physical blockage like scale in the copper lines.

    I will have a look for a part manual or diagram and deciding whether I should do my first full strip down/rebuild or just remove the boiler and give is a descale and fix other bit and pieces.

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    No water on an Expobar group is 80% of the time a blown solenoid, they have plastic exhaust tubes the wear from some chemical cleaners and will let water up through the top, if the valves are good most likely to be a blocked restrictor in the group, that model should have Teflon restrictors in both the group and top feed pipe, always worth cleaning them. Good luck and tell out if you need any help fixed hundreds of these.


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      I did unbolt the top of the group but could see an obvious way to disassemble I have removed the shower screens and seals and have the shower screen soaking. Also a removed the dispersion disk and still no water flow.

      Thanks I will have a crack at pulling it apart maybe swap over with the working group to see if I can get it going. Also a fellow snob Hoggy42 sent me some pics of a similar solenoid in parts so I know sort of how to pull the solenoid apart.


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        SpecialistEspresso: One more question on this model, is there a trick to removing the side panels???

        The side panels have two nuts or screws which are on the top side of the machine front and back and are inside the side covers, I can't see a way to undo as I can't access the heads of the nuts/screws (but I can see the tail of bolt sticking out inside the machine) and these are stopping the sides coming off. The bottom four screws on the side panels are external philips head and easy to remove.

        I gave up and just laid the machine on it's back for now as I can more easily access the solenoids..


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          OK well not too much broken apart from a bit of plastic on the drain, I managed to remove the solenoid. It is pretty rough in terms of condition;

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            SpecialistEspresso you were on the money!

            Got the second group working by swapping out the solenoid body for a used one thanks to a fellow snob Hoggy42 having a spare.

            Put the cleaned shower screens (and a new seal, need to order another as only one of the ones from my spares fit) back in and running machine for a few hours to test.

            Next step cleaning the internals of case and working out if I can remove the boiler to descale.


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              Just tested machine at full pressure and temperature.

              Nice dry steam from both wands, hot water working and nice clean clear water with no smells. Both groups running a bit high at 10 bar according to my pressure gauge handle, will adjust them down if can find the Opv valve/s.

              Pretty happy overall.


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                Hey Mate, the side panels remove by taking both the bottom two screw off and pulling down, just be careful the top plastic is easy to break, good luck glad the group works


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                  Thanks, I thought that might be the case but didn't want to break anything. Pretty poor design for maintenance but I will try and be careful.

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                Glad to hear you have it working Ben. Happy that old 2 group Verona I pulled apart has served repairs on at least 3 other machines now.