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Dual Boiler descaling

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    Many people would be super impressed to open their machine and find it looking as good as yours. Barista Hustle has an article on their website about water composition and recipes you can make up.


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      If i recall, Melbourne waters hardness levels ( if you believe the local council reports etc) is already very low, and in fact possibly too low compared to recommended limts of the LM water map.

      I have seen treated water level (melbourne water link as an example only reports nearer 20-30 and lower than the LM guideline minimum of 70.

      How does the Brita c150 purest handle that? Should you be adding bicarb or a pinch of salt?; just resting the tap water for a day to clear chlorine?

      Note I would just follow caffinators advice, lube it up and put it back,,, the other questions were just more for my own curiosity


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        Caffinator, from what i could tell, the CaC03 doesn't really contribute to taste in a positive way, its mostly magnesium that is required, i think it mqy have been a Barista Hustle video. The C150 should be subsituting calcium carbonate for sodium ions so other than potentially taste there shouldn't be any issues and also why i really wanted to clarify that i wasnt seeing scale in those photos given even without the C150 scale shouldnt be a problem for me.

        I really would love to never ever descale, hopefully this is possible

        FNQ i think so too. The water melbourne has is ao low it is almost off those charts :P
        from the hoffman video i dont think salt in coffee is a great thing, your results may vary :P some ppl put salt in everything.


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          Originally posted by Cats View Post
          The water melbourne has is ao low it is almost off those charts :P
          Conversely, I have also seen TDS of over 200ppm with well over 100ppm hardness. As always, it depends where you're looking


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            How to descale a BES900?


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              Are you just teasing us posting pics of a brand new machine??!! That’s what it looks like. You have nothing to worry about. Cheers


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                The discoloratuon in the pipe and the valve had me worried given it is about 7 months old now, but i think I've concluded from what everyone's said that it isn't scale, and given my water and the filtration in place i really shouldn't be expecting any scale either which was my goal.
                i wasnt sure if it was achievable to never have to descale but its looking promising