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    can anyone direct me to a source for the technical specs of the vintage FAEMA President machines... particularly the gas components. I need specs on the components, how they function and output for certification purposes.

    Many thanks


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    Originally posted by Thecoffeepeddler View Post
    .... how they function and output for certification purposes....
    Without a manual, I'd suggest that they're probably utterly rooted: Not functional at all and not a hope of being AGA compliant. .


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      I have a Faema Zodiaco and President. The former has a BTU rating of 9000 based off the identification tag and uses a nearly identical burner to the President. Just the method of how the burner rests in the machine is different. The burner regulator has essentially remained unchanged from the one my Zodiaco has. In fact you can still purchase modern gaskets that are compatible with older ones or even replace the old regulator with a modern one.
      I will describe how the regulator works.

      Once the machine is warmed up from the gas, the pressure must be regulated. The regulator is a nifty device where it controls the burn level when a certain pressure is reached. This is done by a copper pipe connected from the top of the boiler to the side of the regulator. The pressure from the boiler will press against a rubber bellows that is connected to a spring and piston. When a certain pressure is reached the spring will compress the piston such that the gas flow will reduce and cause the pressure to drop from the low burn level. This pressure point can be adjusted with the screw nut on the left part of the regulator. One thing I did not figure out was the flathead screw in the regulator. I think it is a cutoff valve but I do not know for certain.

      The image of the regulator is from the Zodiaco. A difference between the President and Zodiaco is the latter has an auto igniter that you can push and start the burner without a match.


      • Thecoffeepeddler
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        Thank you very much... that's very helpful. Certainly a start.

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      I am not sure why but the photos I posted prior are not visible to me or others. I will put them here as a second attempt and see if they stick.
      Click image for larger version

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        After some more digging I've found an installation brochure for a WEGA gas/electric machine which explains how to set up the gas valve to maintain boiler pressure.

        The gas technology hasn't changed much over the decades... it would seem the Presidents had a gas regulator valve, pilot light and the gas burner. What seems to be missing is a flame failure device. Which is pictured in the WEGA brochure. Also fitted to the current Fracino dual fuel machines.

        If anyone has a copy of a President installation brochure with specs I would be extremely grateful.

        I love a challenge so I'm not giving up just yet.

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          Hey Mate, ill dig up a brochure for you i have one, the President never had a flame failure device, very basic system and had to be lit by flame, the E64 Faema was the first to be fitted with a pilot and flame failure.

          hope that helps


          • Thecoffeepeddler
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            Oh cool! Thank you!

            Yes, I found this video on youtube describing the system in an Astoria... looks like the same components as the Lambro, as in Ryan's pic above.