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Condensation on espresso machine - ECM Technika V Profi

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  • Condensation on espresso machine - ECM Technika V Profi


    I am using ECM Technika v profi and have set the pid to 121 and getting slight condensation on the machine. Anything above that and the machine starts dripping water over time on to the bench. So basically renders it useless to use above 121. Has anyone experienced the same? or is there a remedy?

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    There's a leak somewhere, there should never be any water dripping or condensing up to whatever pressure the safety valve lets go at, should be 2 bar on that model I think.

    As the leak worsens with higher boiler pressures, it's likely a valve or fitting on the boiler that's the problem. I'd be suspecting a leaking anti-vacuum valve first, a simple repair, other than that it'd need to be looked at internally to identify the problem. How old is the machine and has it ever been serviced?


    • jksniper
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      Its only been a year old and i had it serviced last week but didnt mention the condensation as i thought it was just how it behaved. Oh bummer will need to have it fixed ☹️

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      Take it back asap and notify them of your observations. They've overlooked something or done something wrong.