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Ecm technika or??!

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  • Ecm technika or??!

    Apologies for another ‘what machine’ thread but new to the prosumer range of machines.

    To explore all options looking for brands/ models of machines that would be suitable to my needs.

    I drink mainly milk based coffee, 3-4 per day between the wife and I. Would like the option of plumbing the machine but initially use tank. Budget is little as possible but would spend up to 4k on the machine to leave some coin to upgrade my Macap grinder.

    My first shopping trip I was recommend the ECM technika profi pid. Friends with the same machine speak very highly of the brand.

    Any others machines in a similar price range that can be plumbed and tanked? Also considering the Electronika as the wife isn’t keen on self timed shots.

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    The Electronika is one of very few machines at this price range that do volumetric shots. Most others are either significantly higher or lower in price.


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      You could also consider a dual boiler machine with a shot timer and rotary pump such as the Lelit Bianca although it is on b/o with most sellers at the moment.



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        Thanks for the responses.

        The Lelit looks like a very nice machine, thanks Charlie. I will check it out.

        I did like the ECM pid turned into a shot clock automatically to at least time the shots.

        Would going something like the Elektronika have a shorter lifespan over the Technika due the the additional electronics?


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          I’m in the same boat (Giotto premium v2) and from a quick glance both look like good options. I like the look of the lelit and it’s manual brew pressure control. I think that would be far more useful then volumetric shots (3-4 cups a day). ECMs are pretty solid and those models have stainless steel boilers. Supposedly better corrosion resistance. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.