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ECM Sync pressure questions.

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  • ECM Sync pressure questions.

    Hey all,

    Having a couple of issues with my sync and hoping you might be able to provide some insight. I’m taking it to the Coffee Garage this week to get a service and I’m sure they’ll fix everything, but I just want to understand why it’s all happening.

    Firstly, a bit of water pooling under the machine. First I thought it was the drip tray full, but that’s not it. Just read a related post on here about it being a leak from steam boiler. Thinking that might be it.

    The second thing is the pressure gauge (brew, on the right). It has always come up at 9 bar as best I can remember when brewing. It’s currently 2 when not brewing, 7 when brewing and 9 with a blind in. My question is (rookie question I know), what should it be at each stage. Machine is plumbed, which may be necessary info to answer.

    Last thing for the brew gauge. It is full of condensation. Is that a problem? (Picture attached).

    Thanks Snobs.


    Click image for larger version

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    Regarding the condensation, most likely the tube within the gauge has failed and the gauge needs to be replaced. You might be able to hear hissing or notice some steam.

    My Sync is also plumbed, mains pressure is about 3.5 bar and brew pressure about 9 bar. Blind filter pressure is similar to brew pressure, maybe a touch higher.


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      Robbo has is about right. Condensation isn’t good in gauges.
      your pressures sound about right, the brew pressure at 7 will be indicative of your grind particle size. I prefer mine about 8 -8.5 bar with the coffee I use but it’s all depending of coffee & flavour