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Need help finding that first expresso machine and grinder

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  • Need help finding that first expresso machine and grinder

    Hi All,

    I've previously had a Nespresso machine and for me honestly it was not too bad but my wife wants volcanic temperature which is above the ability of a Nespresso machine.

    We both love our coffee, and generally on a day to day basis I can see on our workdays there will usually only be a 2 morning latte's and 2 evening lattes. When we are home probably at least 3 times.

    When we have friends over up to 10 or 15, most are coffee drinkers and will be a mix of Americanos and lattes.

    I would like a machine that is:
    1. Nice to look at
    2. Able to mostly handle our morning and evening latte's easily
    3. Not leave me making coffee's for ages - I'm also a bit of a home bartender so that could mean the whole evening all I'm doing is drink making! So while I don't want to overspend on something that will go all day with back to back coffee's I would not like to make a couple then need to wait for long time in between.

    I've been wondering how important it is to have an E61 group head, and a PID to control the temperature. Happy for ideas and suggestions.

    I've had a look online at machines like the Profitec Pro 600 and I had a look at the Orchastrale Nota and a taste of a shot of expresso from it (I don't generally drink expresso so can't honestly know if it was good/great/indifferent). I also tried a few years ago a latte from a Rocket machine.

    I know that grinders are just as important as the expresso machine itself and I guess I would like to buy something decent there too. I've seen the Eureka Mignon Specialita 55E was used when I went to try the Orchastrale Nota (I've seen some online reviews that it is fairly accurate with grinding the same weight each time)

    What else should I look for as far as accessories go.

    While I have started out with budgets in mind, I would prefer to spend once and not be disappointed rather than buy and feel I should have purchased something better.

    I live in Melbourne, and would like to buy from a local reputable expresso machine supplier.

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    E61 isn’t necessary for good coffee. But, your point 1 of nice to look at... well, it’s really hard to go past an E61 for looks, in my opinion... I do miss that look on my bench!

    PID is not really a yes/no question...

    The Eureka Mignon Specialita is a great grinder. I’d stay on that choice.

    The Profitec 600 will handle pt 2.

    You may want to upscale to the 700 for not much extra for pt 3 if your big days include lots of milk. But in terms of back to back black coffees, the 600 will go all day without any delays.

    Havent used the Nota. I’m sure a HX with that sized boiler will go all day without slowing you down. It’s value for money is certainly clear. But, you can probably play around more on a 600/700 later down the track if you are someone that gets hooked on things (like perfecting and playing with coffee...)


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      Thanks I do see some positive reviews these machines, will definitely look into the 600 vs 700 with that thought in mind

      appreciate your advice



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        Because you are quite open in regards to what you want you probably won’t get much useful advice here on the forum. Also a lot of Snobs will get annoying that you keep spelling espresso with an ‘X’. LOL. You need to go into a retailer so you can see a range of machines and grinders in person so that you get a good comparison between models, get a feel for the different sizes of machines and maybe even get to try a couple. There’s plenty of options in Melbourne, including at least one site sponsor. I’d just get on Google and find the nearest one and start there.