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Buying next week - talk me out of one.

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  • Buying next week - talk me out of one.

    Hi all

    OK sorry for all the machine comparison questions, and the lever fascination - it's not going to be practical.

    I am buying next week. It will be an ECM Elektronika vs Bezzera Duo DE; I want volumetric., rather than time (unless you can talk me out of that too). My heart says Bezzera, but my head says ECM. So much good stuff on the Duo, but with more electronics involved am nervous about shorter lifespan of components, or more to go wrong. Admittedly if it wasn't for the volumetrics it would be a Synchronika. The quality of ECM's does it for my head.

    Depending on whether I place the order after a few drinks a Linea Mini might be on the cards but I doubt it.

    Have read everyone's opinions on the Duo and have seem problems but also many longtime CS's have them and are happy. Remember this is to be the one machine I never have to replace, according to the Mrs.

    Really appreciate your opinions.

    Take care everyone in lockdown too.

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    May not be of much help here but anyway.....these are two machines that were on my short list earlier this year. Ended up with the ECM Sync, why? Probably the same reasons that have stopped you from pulling the trigger on the Duo. Extra electronics, cramped and “confused” looking internals (Whole Latte Love video) and one litre service boiler.... also as my retailer said (a sponsor I should add) volumetrics on commercial machines are regularly problematic, a common issue ..... am I happy with the Sync? yep, is it perfect? nope. I don’t think a machine has been built that is everything to everyone.......


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      Originally posted by Mono View Post
      .... also as my retailer said (a sponsor I should add) volumetrics on commercial machines are regularly problematic, a common issue ......
      I agree.

      My last machine had a volumetric panel which failed twice in five years.


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        I would have said brew ratio is more important than volume, that is, weight of beans to weight of extracted liquid. Nearly every cafe near me dials in that way and is a proven method.The "Decent" community and there are 1000s of them also dial in that way. Most start off with 1:2 but some like 1:3 or 1:1 then adjust to taste.
        I feel the very rough 30mls in 30 seconds is "old school" and will get you in the ball park but doesn't take into account the density of crema. In a busy cafe where time is crucial, volumetrics makes sense but most would still weigh the extracted liquid and make any necessary adjustments to that volume. Many even have scales "built" in to the drip tray to dial in by brew ratio. So yes, I'll try and talk you out of buying a machine using volumetrics as the number one criteria. I think the ECM Synchronica is one of the most respected machines out there and would be a better choice.


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          Originally posted by barri View Post
          I feel the very rough 30mls in 30 seconds is "old school"
          True mate, I've probably still got my head in that space. I've always wondered what the obsession with scales is.


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            I am a Bezzera Duo DE owner and am really happy with it. I've had the machine for about 9 months.

            The things I like about it:
            - volumetric push button control
            - fast warm up
            - BZ system means open workspace under the head (i.e. no E61 drain pipe or lever in the way of larger cups/mugs)
            - led light under the group head
            - auto stand-by
            - auto group cleaning
            - quiet rotary pump (previous machines I've owned were loud vibrating pumps)

            All of the above were quite noticeable differences as my previous machine was a Bezzera Magica. I don't know anything about the ECM Synchronika so can't comment on it as a comparison.

            I am never going to try to repair my machine, so cramped internals are not something I need to worry about.

            As for this being "the one machine you'll never have to replace", tell her she's dreaming!!

            Good luck with your decision.


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              Synchronika owner and love the unparalleled quality and geourgeous looks. I have fitted the flow control know too ... fun.
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                ECM Elektronika trouble free for 6 years or so now. Never had problems with the buttons. Dial in the volumetric's and occasionally check it's still spot on. Had a gs3 on loan for a few months and the coffee was just as good. hx never ran out of power when I used it at a large gathering too. Feed it good water, keep it clean, it's an awesome machine.