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  • Coffee machine to buy

    Hi All
    I need a decent machine for a small office for some coffee snobs, would like to spend around 4000 something not too complicated.
    any recommendations please

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    Try this quote request for site sponsors startrek1818


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      PS unless you want to double your budget you may want to use a word other than "Decent" to describe what you are after


      • amberale
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        Nope, that is a marketing LOSE big time.

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      Some quotes would help and I am sure the vendors would have some good suggestions, I think if you are 4K including a grinder a good brand HX E61 (or a Lelit Elizabeth) machine would be a good fit, here are a couple of ideas;

      ECM Mechanika Slim
      Rocket Appartamento
      Bezzera BZ10
      Lelit Elizabeth V3

      Add a solid grinder with timed dosing (the Mazzer is built like a tank, so would prob hold up better in an office);

      Eureka Mignon/Specialita
      Mazzer Mini Electronic
      Compak E5 OD

      Some food for thought there.


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      Originally posted by startrek1818 View Post
      I need a decent machine for a small office for some coffee snobs,
      Why don't you ask your staff to choose the machine and grinder at your price point?
      They must have some ideas already if they're true "coffee snobs".


      • johnthepom0
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        If they're not true "coffee snobs" and you want something "not too complicated" ( sacrilege I know) Breville the Oracle Touch would come in under your budget.