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Buying a Brikka

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  • Buying a Brikka

    After pondering between Moka Express and Brikka, I decided to get the later
    as many users said it produces crema

    So any idea where can I buy a Bialetti Brikka in Sydney?

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    Re: Buying a Brikka

    Yea Afton
    We have several Brikis from the Stainless Steel to the Enamelled style

    You will need a grinder that is capable to grind coffee to talcum powder
    (grinder for best taste) or buy a jar at the supermarket (Greek/Turkish coffee)

    You don’t boil the coffee as such but you heat till the crema rises remove from heat
    Do it 3 times
    You can add sugar to taste during heat stage or after

    Pour and serve in a demitasse cup with a glass of water on the side

    Let it settle and only drink the top 3/4 of the coffee
    Discard the rest

    As to where to buy any Greek or Middle Eastern deli will stock them for under $10


    Also read this Post on Greek/Turkish Coffee