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Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

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  • Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

    My 6910 is in for repairs.  Ive been told there is a 2 week wait on repairs at present.

    I bought a coffee yesterday and it was average so Im thinking Ill have to use my plunger or stove top.  Ive never had great results out of either but I suspect I havent been using them properly.

    I have an ascaso i-home which has taken me a while to get to around the spot where I like the grind.  I think it will be annoying to recalibrate when my machine comes back if I move it to a coarser plunger grind...

    ... can I use a similar grind in a stove top as with my machine?

    Alternatively I guess I can use my crappy Krups grinder to get a coarser grind for my plunger.

    Help please!

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    Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

    Use the plunger but first go and get some coffee filter cones
    Use them together as a pour-over method

    You wont get espresso but you will get a great cup of coffee



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      Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

      Rather than plunger go grab the right sized funnel and some unbleached Melitta papers and just use the plunger base as per KK above. Pre warm the plunger Glass as well.

      Or better yet join the Syphon Society


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        Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

        Ok thanks.

        Which reminds me, I do have a pour over metal thingy (dont know what the correct term is) that I bought in Vietnam a few years ago. Would that work straight into the cup?


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          Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

          I wouldnt get unbleached filter paper unless you are particularly fond of the taste of paper or are living somewhere where you can expend several litres of water on rinsing them.

          If you havent ever really cleaned your plunger properly, get on it. Stick your nose in and have a whiff. Dismantle the filter and soak the whole she-bang in hot cafetto solution. Rinse well. It should really help.

          As for technique, refer to:

          Square Mile Videocast #4 for stovetop:

          Square Mile Videocast #2 for plunger:

          Hope that helps,



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            Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

            If you mean one of these

            they make suprisingly good coffee when sorted out straight in the cup. Available from Cuppacoffee


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              Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

              Thanks Luca. I had a look at the plunger and it definitely needs a clean so will get onto that now.

              I tried my small stovetop today. I must have ground the beans too fine or tamped too hard as no coffee came out and there was a horrid burnt smell

              Thats exactly what mines like beanflying. I just havent used it. What kind of grind do I use and do I need any filter paper? The holes in mine look relatively large.


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                Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!


                When trying something new or a change to equipment...   Where I am unsure...

                I have always found that by starting wide....  I can then narrow my settings down and I tend to get reasonable results and less disasters...

                Ie. When using a new plunger / Machine etc I look at the holes in the PF and or strainer etc and tend to start Course rather than fine...  Same as Tamping and other variables...

                Yep, sometimes you get a gusher etc.... But always better than a clogged system or a blow out.

                Even when others give advice... Their grinder and other settings / Values may but not translate exactly...  Other than say, Temperature...

                Thus I may take a couple of goes to get it, but it is the journey and it helps in gaining an understanding...


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                  Re: Help me get through the next 2 weeks!

                  Hi Ali,

                  last time I used mine I was grinding with a Zass hand grinder on my normal Syphon/Plunger setting but that is finer than what a lot might use (around white sugar for size) Ratio that works is around normal plunger (6-10g/100ml) depending on taste.

                  View the next 2 weeks as a rediscovery of Manual brewing rather than a pain in the

                  Have fun