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  • Glass rod syphon

    I was given a Cona a while back, but havent used it, as I need to replace the rubber seal between the globes. I saw James Hoffman tweeted this morning that he was playing with a Cona rod in a Hario, and I just had to have a go. Hacked up my spare cloth filter, attached it to the rod, and then stuck it in my Unibuy (cheaper and easier to replace than my Hario ).

    For the first go, I ground coarser than usual (yes, I was paranoid about blowing myself up), and used some two month old Masai I found in the kitchen (no need to waste the good stuff). I didnt expect it to taste any good, I was more seeing if I could do it. It was actually super clean, and really citrusy and tomatoey, but by no means a good brew  :

    Some issues that occurred to me - stirring, the Hario paddle is too wide, and I didnt want to knock the rod and let grounds into the bottom globe; draw down, seems significantly slower so might need to tweak other variables, maybe a shorter steep? (though I didnt use a cold towel, too busy taking pics and hoping for the best).

    Thoughts, comments, advice etc. are very welcome

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    Re: Glass rod syphon

    I have looked at it a couple of times but dismissed it due to the stalling and imploding issue with my smaller ones. I do have 2 baby Cona Size As coming with glass rods however.

    The Silex stovetop I have actually has a half n half glass rod with the metal tail like the one you have made but I make sure the grind is nearly plunger grade. I havent done a side by side comparison with the cloth ones. They do come up on ferralbay US from time to time by themselves.

    Actually took delivery of another BNIB Kono Japanese Syphon yesterday that came with a really narow paddle only about 18mm across that might work better with the rod in the middle.

    It also came with the original packet of unopened paper inserts for the filter so it might be time to have a comparison of cloth paper and glass. Anyone feel like a trip for some blind testing

    pics of filters tonight when I get home.


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      Re: Glass rod syphon

      Couple of bad phone camera shots. The stirer on the left is the Kono the right hand is either a Yama or Hario one. The Paper Filter holder has a raised center spike in the brew chamber so similar in the stir to the glass rod.


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        Re: Glass rod syphon

        Originally posted by 2324202F272D38282F26410 link=1242704058/1#1 date=1242705825
        Anyone feel like a trip for some blind testing Wink
        Beanflying, Im heading your way in a weeks time. Perfect opportunity. Except I have an extended family in tow.


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          Re: Glass rod syphon

          Easy fix Blokes that dont like coffee send them fishing or I can loan them a kite or two, Ladies to the dress shops and galleries (with credit limits imposed ) and I have plenty of Syphons for any left overs members of the group to play with