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8-cup plunger... making one cup?

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  • 8-cup plunger... making one cup?

    Hi, i have an 8-cup Bodum Chambord plunger, and i was wondering about something.. If im making enough for just one cup of coffee, the plunger filter doesnt actually reach the liquid at the bottom when pressed down... does this matter? Surely the purpose of the filter is strictly just to keep the grounds out as opposed to pushing through the brewed coffee... ?

    I know this sounds like a stupid question , but was just something i wanted to ask.. cheers!

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    Re: 8-cup plunger... making one cup?

    No stupid questions here....

    Yep, thats it as I understand it, and as I do it.  The Plunger is primarily to push the grinds to the bottom and hold them there while you pour the coffee into the cups.  There is negligible brewing effect from the plunging action, unlike, for example, the way an aeropress works, which is why plunger brews usually taste best if stirred for about 30 seconds and then left to brew for 3-5 minutes, (also why plunger brews have more caffeine proportionately)
    However if you are going to make 1 plunger brew on regular basis, perhaps you would be better off purchasing a smaller plunger, say 1-2 cup unit. You might find it has better brewing for that volume of liquid than the larger unit with only a relatively small amount of water in it.


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      Re: 8-cup plunger... making one cup?

      Ah okay.. thank you! Thats what i thought..

      Ill still with the plunger i have, cant afford to go out and buy more coffee-related paraphernalia , cheers!