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  • Atomic Collectors Thread

    Hello thee Everyone,

    sorry I have let this thread slip- I missed a few great posts...

    Concerning the Calandra: I have one of these, I used to use it all the time. Super simple and reliable machines and a great style. I also stock some seals and others part for these machines. The Calandra can fetch a pretty penny on evilbay- very RETRO 70s style. It actually evolved from the old Benjamin and medwin/Vesubio stovetop machines, and is related to my modern Bellmans in many ways. The top seal, and locking cap are identical.

    The next on the list: the Salton- great machine. This is actually the UK branded Vesuviana- you have the electric version with frother- the best they ever made. This design goes right back to the 30s I think- and many different models- Giant 10 cup version and really small as well- I have posted pictures of some early Vesuviana machines at the beginning of this collectors thread. Your machine actually isnt pre-atomic- I think it is from the 70s towards the very end of Vesuviana production. I think it is the best they ever did- except for the stove-top version with steam wand. Is that one 220 or 120 volt?

    Finally: Lucio! Ciao! sorry about answering so late. You machine is made by "Stella" company from Austria. I think the designer was Herr Desider Stern. The model 402 dates from 1952-1974. Stella also made a range of Atomic coffee makers, and the double headed machine (model 110E Atomic 1953-56) I posted here earlier was also sometimes labeled with the atomic name. Are you saying you have one of these: a 110E?? I looke don you site and couldnt find it. Did you test your one? On mine I have not tested it at all as the sight glass got broken in transit. Also the big lever in the middle is stuck- but I didnt try much to move it. Your 402 machine is actually related to the Stella Atomics also- some of which are simply amazing. It seems they made a whole range of Atomic coffee makers that most collectors have never seen.

    Also the Stella company initially was licensed /or worked with Mr Robbbiati in Milan. But their designs were all unique and they continued producing austrian atomics right up until the 70s. By that time I doubt they had any link with Sgn. Robbiati any more.

    You know Mr Francesco had an Atomic by Stella?- you may remember this machine- I missed a chance to purchase it after your kindly tip? Well it came to market again and this time I could not resist. I have it in my collection now...I had to pay a bit more... who cares? That machine is made by the same company as your new beauty. This design is the Robbiati patented design, but later Stella changed the design a little and the shape.

    Here is Francescos superb description of the machine:

    I cannot find a serial number on the double headed beast. Where is it on your 110E

    the label on your model 402 is fantastico! Marvelous. Mine is nice: with a classic 50s western style font, but yous is the nicest I have seen. It has inspired me to redesign the La Sorrentina label as a tribute...

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    Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

    Hi Jack,
    I was lucky: I had to work only  2 weeks to set the machine "ready to work". 8-)
    These pics are before the restoration.
    I became mad to build up the seals and to re-open the tiny holes to the sight glass level.
    The machine is complete: 6 filters, 2 Jugs (ops!) , and the dolls house pans  ;D


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      Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

      Hi, Well there you go... you kindalike something thats sitting in your kitchen... you use it every morning to make your brown brewage, and never realize while doing it that you are part of a worlwide community. I really like the way i interact with my coffee machines and i never intended to make a collection. Actually is it one? im using them on an everyday basis. Im really fascinated how enthousiast the people are.

      So i post these pictures of my little kitchen. (its Christmas soon isnt it?)
      The first one is a "Atomic (A) Brevetti robbiati made in italy novate milanese (milano)"
      The second is a "Atomic (B) Brevetti Robbiati made in italy British Patent No. 633988"
      The third is a "Atomic espresso Stella Wien patent"
      The forth is a "Atomic brevetti Robbiati Milano made in italy"

      I looked few years back for a book about them but remained successless. Crazy in these years of "all design" and "vintage frenzy", cant even find litterature about it.

      So i conclude:

      The all fun is about using the things. They give it all back to you.
      Greetings from Old Europe to wherever you are,
      Merry christmas , Stella

      Ps: i started with a stella machine of my granny, i just found it funny to have a coffeemachine to bear your name. aint everybodys case.


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        Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

        I had a very busy morning.... looking for Atomic informations... i had a great laugh ;D ;D ;D

        Well, there is some kind of great expert self-called atomicguru and he has got the all knowledge of the world.

        and since he has got all the knowledge of the world... nobody trust itself to say one thing about the atomic. Come on Boys, its just a coffee machine.

        So, im breaking the "silence rule" since im not part of this sect.
        See the pictures that follow.

        Of Course, there are all Copyright and sure ill be ask for permission if the "Guru" wants it to appear in his "Bible"... and i thought the internet was going to open information to everybody. that was naive from me.

        Oh! and before i leave... i have to correct something... ive read in many blogs: "rare atomic stella" mmmh... i think something is rare if you cant get it, right? that means if you live in a country with no way to acquire one... for this stellas must be very scarce in Australia, but not in Austria... (above all in Vienna where i live). You cant say the same about kangurus...

        thats it im going.


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          Re: Atomic Collectors Thread



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            Re: Atomic Collectors Thread



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              Re: Atomic Collectors Thread


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                Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                Well, i would be gone already if i didnt forget something.

                There are people out there collecting Atomic badges... ill call them
                "Atomic Badges Hunters".
                see picture (i havent seen it yet in the collections ive seen on the net).

                Point n°2: ive read about dating the stuff. That the Sassoon models would be the first ones? Just look at the aluminium!!!

                For people who like aluminium like me (as well as bakelite)... there is an expression that is current: "Mussolini Aluminium". at the time, the best you could get... before it got too expensive to produce.

                I havent cleaned none of my coffeemachines... not more than with a sponge. well the atomic (a) and the Stella shine. the other two dont. you can see it well on the pictures... they are Dull...

                Whats the point polishing a Coffee machine??? Is it so the face of the Owner reflects in it???



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                  Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                  Welcome to coffee snobs Stella [smiley=thumbsup.gif] great first posts

                  You are in good company here
                  I hope you will stay & contribute often



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                    Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                    Hello there Stella!

                    welcome. I agree with you- information needs to be free. And thanks for posting these manuals- I have them in my collection- I am also a badge collector- I dont think I have seen that A badge before. I will post some of my rare ones...

                    I consider something to be rare- if you want one- and cannot find one- or it is very expensive. In a diamond mine diamonds are hopefully not that rare..... take them out of the mine and the situation changes.... few people seem to have them.

                    The Austrian made Stella brand Atomics do not appear on the market very often. Here in Australia they are really quite rare and you may only see one or two on offer a year. If you are in Vienna and can find them- I will buy them all off you! :-) I have often wondered how common they are in Germany and Austria- I have the original factory production and model records and they show that Stella made different models continuously from 1958 right up until 1975 at least

                    As for the Dates of the Atomic production- nothing is certain. However we can say the following:

                    Production began in Italy first (1946-7) but very quickly Mr Desider Stern of Stella Co. in Austria was making machines (1948?) and also Qalital in Hungary (1948)... Originally Sassoon imported machines from Italy- but very early (1950?) they began to manufacture in the UK. You can see in the Sassoon instruction you have posted above- the machine was the early Atomic B- and the manual mentions two sizes- the small and large. These were imported from Italy. Then Sassoon manufactured there first UK made atomic machines- which is quite different- but still had no steam feature- then they added the steam feature. This is something we do not know: who did this first- Sassoon in the UK or Robbiati in Italy? Stella never added a steam feature.... we dont know why... maybe people like black coffee in Austria?

                    As to your comments about how shiny the Atomics are: they are all shiny when they are new: Sassoon, Qalital, Brevetti Robbiati- and even the machines made in India around 2005. It is true that Italy produces its own high quality alloy- but they by no means have a monopoly on shiny aluminum. You can see my UK manufactured Sassoon machine in this thread- I have not polished it much. It was that shiny when I got it.

                    Our La Sorrentina machines are very shiny- but they begin to dull with time- if they are used. If they are not used the polish remains high.

                    Are you a collector of Atomic machines?


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                      Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                      Mr. Desider Stern was born in Wroc[ch322]aw, Poland on the 24.4.1907. He emigrated in Tschekoslovakia in 1933 (first in the Tschek side till 1939 ,then in Slovakia und Ungary) and arrived in 1949 in Vienna. Youll have guessed he was of Jewish confession hence his emigration. He has always been working as a bibliographer, a Publicist and a businessman. He will stay famous for having written a reference book about works of jewish writters in German language (it holds the biography and bibliography of about 400 writters). He gave his Collection of Books and original dokuments as well as business documents to the city of Vienna. I will start my research in the next few weeks. He died in Vienna on the 29.4.2000 and left a Daughter, a son. He has 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

                      Thats all i know about him for now. keep Connected.

                      This picture is Copyright of Alisa Douer.


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                        Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                        Originally posted by 776B7676616A706D6A65676B62626161040 link=1220240609/156#156 date=1262233075
                        Are you a collector of Atomic machines?
                        I just happen to have:
                        A) the Coffeemachine of my grandmother.
                        B) Very Funny friends who bring me Coffeemachines from their Trip as  a kind of a joke about my Love for the Stella. Thats the case for the 3 other ones.
                        I use the Coffeemachine daily depending on what i want and how i feel. Clearly, firing the Stella brings back loads of emotion which i cant take at the moment. The A im using less cause i havent got a Jug. The B and "ill call it the" C are the most used.
                        Now you know everything ... curious downunders.

                        Question to You "SorrentinaCoffee", youre talking about a list of Production... do you mean, if i tell you L 321 or L 238, youre able to tell me which year it has been produced? Could you share this dokument with me? (although im sure ill find them in Vienna ExilBibliothek ... that would save me some research time).

                        I feel loads needs to be said and everybody is sitting on his knowledge and leaves the Wolrd in the dark. Ill try for myself to bring a bit of light in all this.

                        Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: Well, you see, Aborigines dont own the land.They belong to it. Its like their mother. See those rocks? Been standing there for 600 million years. Still be there when you and I are gone. So arguing over who owns them is like two fleas arguing over who owns the dog they live on.

                        Just share the knowledge... itll go with you when you die. The Atomic will survive you. Long live Atomic!

                        Stella, Wien.


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                          Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                          I cannot tell you the date of manufacture byt he serial numbers from the base of the machine- but I can tell the the production years of all the various models. There are some very rare Atomics here that no one has seen here in Australia...

                          I agree about information sharing- this document was provided by one of Mr Sterns grandchildren. From what I understand he designed many of these machines himself:

                          Thankyou very much for the information you have found! It is very interesting to hear of Mr Sterns Hungarian background as this gives us the link between his company in Austria and the Qalital company in Hungary. Also many of the Italian and Austrian made Atomic machines have a six pointed Star pattern in the filter plate in the head. Collectors have speculated whether this was a possible Jewish connection...

                          Also I think Stella and Stern translate as star in English?

                          any way here are the various models and the production dates:


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                            Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                            Many many Thanks! Ill try to go next week to this Bibliothek and will try to get in contact with the family - they surely have the contacts @ the Bibliothek because they made an exhibition about Desider Stern in 2007.

                            I am planning to make a write-around to Traditional Coffees and to coffee museums around Austria. These Coffeemachines must be around somewhere...

                            I cant thank you enough for sharing these pictures... i am litterally amazed...

                            Bestest Regards from Beautiful Vienna,


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                              Re: Atomic Collectors Thread

                              OK- no problem- but please email when you find some! I will buy your duplicates from you!

                              I like in particular the model 105 Atomic and also the Piccolo 304E: it reminds of a Geiger ALIEN...

                              you can see there the double headed machine with the name Atomic 110E: I have this model and pictures of it are in this thread. Although the factory list show it listed as an atomic model- my one is simply branded atomic. Unfortunately the sight glass on mine is broken- so if you can track down the old factory- and some old spare parts- I will be forever in your debt.

                              As you can see Stella produced up until 1979- and Atomic production went from 1948 to 1974- there must be a lot of machines in Vienna!