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Bialetti Mini recommendation?

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  • Bialetti Mini recommendation?

    Hey guys,

    Im new to the forum but Ive known about you guys for a few years now. Ive used the forum to direct me to some good coffee, ie One Drop Specialty Coffee, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

    I have an urgent question about a Bialetti Mini Espresso maker. Why the urgency? Well, like everything else in my life, I do it in a hurry.

    So is it worth my $36? My housemate raised the issue that I wont be able to do lattes (no way to froth milk). Furthermore, short macs might be a bit off if I just use a dash of cold milk...

    A review I read suggests that it is just like a percolator, and because Ive never used a percolator, Ive no idea of the end product. Here is a YouTube video if you cant remember which model Im talking about.

    Tried to attach a YouTube link but cant. Search for "Sexy Mini Express coffee pot" in YouTube and you should be able to find it.

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    Re: Bialetti Mini recommendation?

    Hi there, I used to survive with a Bialetti Brikka as well. fake crema (i think), that was more like a brodo.
    Sure theres such thing as cold machiatto, i occasionally have them myself.. machiatto caldo (cold)vs freddo(fredo) (and taken from wikipedia of course :P)
    As for the frothed milk, I warmed/heated the milk with microwave, then used the electronic whisk, the small one and my mini electronic milk frother was sunbeam, $10 if Im not mistaken.

    Though many would say that the Bialetti does not produce true espresso, it still produce very strong and tasty coffee. I still miss making coffee with a Bialetti at 3am in the morning

    That $36 is a good investment and the process of tasting and mastering the stovetop coffee is a journey to enjoy in itself.

    If you want something cheaper, simpler and maybe, imho more suitable for extracting flavour from single origins, you can also invest in a hario v60 dripper, or a french press.

    hope this helps



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      Re: Bialetti Mini recommendation?

      3am coffee sounds like a real treat! Ill probably drop in and get one tomorrow...heheh.

      A review gave the Bialetti Mini 3.9/5, not confident in their scale though.

      I did notice that Bialetti arent mentioned on left there - any reason, or are they not that big a name?



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        Re: Bialetti Mini recommendation?

        So I ended up buying the Bialetti Mini and what can I say, it makes $36 dollar coffee. Ill start by saying that I am pleased. I applied some of my basic barista skills and knowledge and with that I can get 2 shots of 55-60 degree C "espresso" (in "" because Ive read that espresso requires more than just pouring 25mL of hot water on ~12g of ground coffee), that is rather smooth to drink. The aroma that emanates from the Bialetti while brewing is faint and Im more inclined to think that it is coming from when I had ground the coffee.

        Anyways, just thought Id share. I know I just bought it but does anyone know about changing the pressure valve and whether it is worth it? Maybe I could get a better coffee if I increase the pressure generated?


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          Re: Bialetti Mini recommendation?

          I worked untill recently as a barista in a very highly regarded cafe in my area, made coffe 5 to 6 days a week, but couldnt afford a machine for home. For a while i had managed to keep the home espresso bug at bay, but late last year it finally bit, and hard, and the only thing i could afford was a stovetop. Initially i bought a little stainless one, and it was a mistake. I almost lost faith, but had read a lot of good things about bialetti. A few weeks after i found 1 one in friends cafe, 3 cup, $40 dollars. I took the chance, fast forward to now and i have been lucky enough to pick up an ecm giotto premium from a customer who had upgraded to a gs3, and have matched it with a K3t. I believe that with the bialetti i got coffee that tasted as good as anything i am now making from the giotto, or infact anything i made at work and we were using a gb5, it is definately different, but just as good. The smell is amazing, and as was said previously is a great journey. Dont expect to get espresso like you would from a machine, rather appreciate the coffee you get from the stovetop.There is also a wealth of information on brewing techniques on here, which will help you get the best out of it. My advice, get one, for sure, it was the best 40 dollars i ever spent.