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Cold brew with aeropress

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  • Cold brew with aeropress

    I have been looking for some guidance on using the aeropress to cold brew


    despite multiple searches and individually reviewing all the treads in this section that reference either cold or aeropress in there heading

    I have found nothing more than references to people doing it eg den from cuppacoffe does.

    So any one want to help me out either with some guidance or a link to where it already exists.

    I bit the built and have inverted the Aeropress and put 3 scoops of grinds grind on the BCG800 on its most course setting and placed in the fridge. I plan to revert the Aeropress in the morning and let it drain (standarded used paper filter).

    Opinions welcome in fact requested.

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    Re: Cold brew with aeropress

    With that amount of time inverted, you might find some rubber taste, dunno, just a thought. (Although I do use a variation of the inverted method for hot brews).  However sitting for a long time on paper filter might also give a paper taste, unless you can try a Coava disk with the fine holes.
    Not sure if it needs to be refrigerated, although that could depend on where you live.
    I have only tried cold brewing once when camping, and just let it sit for a couple of hours, some dripped through, and pushed the rest of the water through when I was going to drink it, was a nice cold coffee from memory, but longer brew time would have been better Im sure.
    Let us know how yours went.   


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      Re: Cold brew with aeropress

      Well no rubber taste or paper taste (did use a reused filter)

      Note sure strong enough

      Tasted a bit like cold coffee couldnt say massive improvement over previous method of extracting espresso onto ice.

      But I was using espresso beans (Tobys estate woolloomooloo)


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        Re: Cold brew with aeropress

        Cory Doctorow has discovered a neat way of making cold brewed coffee involving an aeropress, thought it was interesting. Cold brewed is something Ill have to try one day!


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          Re: Cold brew with aeropress

          Had a crack at some aeropress cold brew last night. coarse plunger grind. 45g of coffee, 180mls of water. Let it sit inverted in the fridge overnight which makes it... 15 hours.

          I was kinda scared to taste it but really its not too bad at all. not very complex in flavour but a nice sweetness and good body. Drinking with ice and milk at a 1:1 ratio to the brew and its still pretty damn strong. Id like to experiment with fresher beans and a shorter brew time. I ended up sleeping in today, hence 15 hour brew  ;D

          - i should add that it spent 15 hours on the rubber and theres no rubber taste


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            Re: Cold brew with aeropress

            I drink my cup off AeroPress without adding anymore water as I do with the cold brew (I do add ice made from water which dilutes it) but I think the flavors that come out are very different. The similarities might be in the colder than normal brew so less acid and a smoother cup overall.


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              Bumping this old thread.

              I got an aeropress for xmas. I'm currently visiting in laws in Bundaberg, and the weather is well into the 30s.

              I've been cold brewing with the aeropress. Coarse grind, add cold water, and let it sit over night.

              Press in the morning and put in a jug. Serve with ice during the day. Lovely!

              I have just brewed in a jar tonight, so I can have a coffee hot first thing tomorrow morning when it's still cool.


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                A method i use for Cold Brew that i find works well is:

                30-37 grams of medium ground coffee.(in between a salt and sand feel)

                Fully immerse with 500mls in any container i.e french press, cup or bowl etc and let it infuse for 15hrs

                Filter through washed paper either v60 or aeropress and depending on strength you get a really clean cup with tons of body that nice and juicy. I find light roast single origins with low doses help minimize over extraction when using a medium grind