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  • Kontessa Stove Top Tips

    Hi all,

    I recently acquired a Kontessa as a gift - just wondering if theres any tips on using it?

    Also, what would be a good hand grinder to go with it?

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    Re: Kontessa Stove Top Tips

    I have also got a new Kontessa and having the same problem. Waiting for some great tips. Thanks in advance..


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      Re: Kontessa Stove Top Tips

      I too just got a Kontessa as a gift and after reading through the excellent advice from threads on here can advise the following process for a great Moka stovetop coffee:

      1. Do as the instructions in the Vev Vigano Kontessa box advise and wash your new pot in bicarbonate of soda and water.

      2. Run a few brews of coffee through the stovetop before making a cup you will drink for the first time.

      3. Boil the kettle. The advice is to use HOT water in the stovetop so as to stop the coffee from being burnt while in the stovetop.

      4. Fill the bottom of the stovetop up to just below the safety valve with the freshly boiled water.

      5. Use freshly ground medium grind coffee.

      6. Put coffee in the basket and smooth it out with the back of the spoon. You dont need to compress the coffee.

      7. Using a tea towel, screw the top & bottom sections together.

      8. Put on a LOW HEAT with the lid open.

      9. When the stream starts coughing near the end of the brewing process, immediately take the pot off the stove and cool the bottom of it to stop overextraction.

      10. Some recommend stirring the coffee in the top of the stovetop before pouring to mix the first & last bits extracted. I dont do this as I figure it mixes when I stir my coffee in the cup anyway.

      There is a brilliant guide online. Search for Stumptown Coffee and Stovetop.


      Thanks to all those who have previously posted on coffeesnobs to help me enjoy my new Vev Vigano Kontessa stovetop.

      I love my new stovetop so much Ive bought more from stovetopitalyDOTin the USA at very good rates because of the current high Australian dollar exchange rate.

      From a Coffeesnobs newbie!