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Behmor Brazen Brew System - Electronic pour over.

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  • Behmor Brazen Brew System - Electronic pour over.

    In the making for a long time the Brazen coffee maker is being released at SCAA this week.

    At first it looks like a drip coffee maker but the Brazen Brew System is actually an electronic pour-over.* The water is heated above and dispersed through a shower screen (so as not to mess or dig the grinds) it has pre-soak (to allow propper bloom) and great temperature control.

    It should produce exactly the same pour-over results time and time again (unlike most people with a kettle)

    The 220v Brazen isnt in production yet but when it is we will have it at CS.

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    Re: Behmor Brazen Brew System - Electronic pour over.

    Hi Andy,

    I want one, based on my Behmor Roaster experience.*

    "Features include:
    1.2L / 8 Cup
    Variable Temperature Controls (194°-208° F Brew Temperatures in 1° F increments)
    On Board System Temperature Calibration with Altitude Correction
    Power Controlled Temperature Glide
    Full Saturation Water Dispersion Sprayhead
    Pre-Soak Function w/ User Controlled Time Setting
    Stainless Steel Water Reservoir
    Insulated Stainless Steel Carafe
    Manual Water Release Feature
    Memory (on board) - Stores System Settings
    Oversized Grounds Basket/ Straight sided design (requires 10-12 cup paper filter)
    Rated 1400w/ 120v/ 60hz
    Multiple patents pending both US and Foreign
    **Designed to meet or exceed SCAA Brew Standards - Behmor will apply for certification once the program restarts later this year.
    Behmor Inc. will begin production in April 2012 with first units anticipated shipping in the USA June 2012. MSRP $199"

    Happy to pay now if that will get it here sooner.*

    Hope that youre having a great weekend.



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      Re: Behmor Brazen Brew System - Electronic pour over.

      I think this would be a great option for an office environment.

      I would buy one for work if the results are good, it would pay for itself quickly if you have people interested in buying a cup or two throughout the day


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        Re: Behmor Brazen Brew System - Electronic pour over.

        was thinking the same roz lol

        else i would love a 1 cup version :S


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          Re: Behmor Brazen Brew System - Electronic pour over.

          Is there even an anticipated production date fir the 220v version?

          Potentially interested in thus to kick out a heartstarter every morning.


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            Re: Behmor Brazen Brew System - Electronic pour over.

            Id imagine that for those who like automatic coffee machines it could make a better cup than automatic espresso machines. 

            And if its easy to clean it would be a good option for work.

            8 cup capacity (and 10-12 cup filter paper) seems too  large for domestic use.  If the Brazen makes good coffee, a Brazen mini would be a great product!


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              Any word yet on when it will be available in Australia?



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                Behmor Brazen ??

                Hi there,

                Does anyone know when and if we will be seeing this here in Australia? Looking for something better than my Breville drop filter for work and this has certainly caught my eye!!!




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                  (I moved the off topic posts to a new thread)

                  Any word yet on when it will be available in Australia?
                  The factory is currently making some modifications for the Australian market before we place our official order. I've got prototypes "A" and "B" here at the Snobbery and they are really good, with the requested changes they will be even better and the current pricing is looking awesome at the sub AU$250 point (but won't know for sure until they land and clear customs).

                  Not sure of the exact timing but I hope we will have them in the first half of this year but like everything else here...
                  Until we can touch them, they don't really exist!


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                    Pretty excited, i'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these when they come to life here in Australia..


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                      Andy, I'd be happy to review these products for ya


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                        Hi Andy. How would you rate this against the Technivorm? I was looking for the latter when I fell I over a US review of the Brazen, and knowing Behmor are serious about coffee it has 'perked' my interest for sure! Also what mods have you suggested, if you are at liberty to share! Cheers.


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                          The "worm" is a different beast, not in the same feature ball park.

                          The Brazen is a great thing and the (small) changes that the factory are making will make it even better... but you will have to wait till they are ready for the details.

                          Most traditional brewers boil the water to push it up a tube and then drip it into the centre of the filter (which digs a hole). The Brazen doesn’t do that. Instead it will heat the water to a specific temperature before pre-soak via a showerhead dispersion with a configurable pause to allow the coffee to bloom before releasing the water. The whole time the temperature is held within 1 degree (F or C)

                          This is the electronic Egyptian kettle pour over but more accurate and far more repeatable.

                          (and at a super price!)


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                            Thanks Andy for the quick reply!

                            I was comparing against the 'worm' as its key strengths seem to be controlled temperature and spray arm (on some models). But yes reading more @ the Brazen and she seems feature packed alright! It all comes down to flavour in the cup though, hopefully there may be a taste off once the BraZen arrives on our shores :-). Cheers!


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                              Just yesterday Seattle Coffee Gear has posted on You Tube some experimenting with the Brazen back to back. Looks interesting...