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Help with drip machine!!

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  • Help with drip machine!!

    Hey guys, first time poster...

    I am looking at buying drip method coffee machine with all the trimmings. The ideal machine ive found for me is a Krups has the power, programming feature, paper filters, water filters, big capacity but able to make smaller batches and strength changer.

    Only thing is there is no where in aus that i can buy, that i know of. So, if anyone knows of a similar machine or some specialty store that stocks more than sunbeam and breville, id be very grateful. I live in victoria, so something local would be preferrable.

    Cheers guys!

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    Re: Help with drip machine!!

    Welcome Ingrel,

    Im waiting for Andy to get hold of the Behmor Brazen.

    I am pretty certain it will blow all competitors out of the water. See:


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      Re: Help with drip machine!!

      Hi Ingrel, I have a Technivorm moccamaster. This machine does not have all the bells and whistles but what it does do best is brew coffee at a consistent temperature and deliver a real smooth cup of coffee.
      Its a hand made unit with quality components and is built to last. Ive heard of units that are more than 20 years old still going strong.
      Do a search on you tube and youll see lots of videos singing there praises. Even in the USA the home of drip filter love them.
      There is a distributor here in Australia that sells them, just go to Technivorm web site.



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        Re: Help with drip machine!!

        Cheers for your responses guys, really appreciate it!

        What would also be a good grinder for a drip filter coffee brewer?

        Ive been doing a bit of research, and figure why bother when i have my greatest resource right here, reading this while sipping their spressi