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First Time Making a Syphon

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  • First Time Making a Syphon

    Hey there,

    I had the opportunity to play with a syphon last Saturday for the first time. Im pretty sure it was the Hario Syphon Technica 2 Cup but with a halogen heat source. Beans were Kenyan AA (sorry i cant remember the estate) and roasted just a tad lighter. I work at a specialty coffee roastary mostly as a register and beans person but always keen to get as much experience as possible.

    Before working there, i had never tried 3rd wave or brewed coffee before. But as we are fitted out with Syphon, Pour Over, Chemex, Turkish, Cold Drip and even a Clover, I couldnt help but become a 3rd wave fanatic. So i started doing some researching and hitting up YouTube for tips and techniques and i had the knowledge. All i needed was to put it into practise.

    So last Saturday, I started to make myself one. It seems a halogen Syphon is quite intriguing as many a customer came up and asked me what i was making and it was really quite enjoyable to share some of my knowledge. I think they were more impressed that a 17 year old knew so much about coffee  :P

    The Results: Unfortunately it was a tad over extracted and bitter. The heat of a halogen light stays a tad longer than desirable but ive learnt for next time. Fortunately, it was great fun doing something other than espresso and sharing my knowledge with others.

    If your thinking of getting a Syphon, just get it. When extracted well, its an extremely beautiful result and not to mention, its a heck of a lot of fun.


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    Re: First Time Making a Syphon

    Hey Mike
    Great to hear that you are getting into other brewing methods.
    I have been experimenting as well with these different brewing methods.
    its not only fun to watch but also as you described alot of fun!
    A few variables you will need to consider is:
    Time, temp, size of your grind, dosage, and the type of bean that you are using. If changing one of these variables will also change the flavour that is produced. even the amounts of times that you stir can even change yoru extractions.
    If you get the chance get out there and watch what others are doing.
    you might like this to read;

    kind regards


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      Re: First Time Making a Syphon

      Whats 3rd wave?

      Keep trying with the syphon. It takes a long time to learn and the dose, grind size, temperature and brew time has to be recorded cos they are really finicky things and can work in a huge range but they put out a great cup.

      Also helps to use your best beans for them cos any bad roasts or flawys in the bean really come out in a syphon.