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Mypressi Twist - dismantling?

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  • Mypressi Twist - dismantling?

    Has anyone pulled one of these apart?

    Ive been using mine for about 2 years now, daily 1-3 shots so it has probably done close to 2000 shots. For me it makes the perfect long black when combined with Ugandan Organic beans from the Melbourne Coffee Co. I have a few other coffee makers but none come close to making what I like.

    The Twist has just developed a gas leak such that when I put in a new gas cylinder and screw up the end cap as I do the last turn the cylinder seal is pierced and all the gas leaks out again.

    It seems to be leaking from the pressure release valve inside, not from the cylinder neck seal.

    I might be able to fix this (it is probably a damaged seal) if I could work out how to get the two black plastic covers off the sides but there is no obvious way to do this.

    Any one had one apart?


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    Re: Mypressi Twist - dismantling?

    Well, I got the side off, the left side.  It can be carefully prised off but will probably need to be glued back on.

    It seems to be the pressure regulator that is leaking, the leak is not from the place that the pressure is released at the end of a shot but further back in the handle where the pressure regulator is (I think that is what it is). Tried a single shot (no water or coffee) and on releasing the trigger all the rest of the gas leaked out from the top of the regulator (it iced up at the spot it was leaking from). Might try dismantling the regulator and a bit of silicon lubricant but dont have high hopes for it working.

    Oh well, might have to buy another one. Makes the best cup of coffee of all my various devices.


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      Just a note on this. I found that MyPressi (the company) lives on and that they do reconditioning/upgrades of older twists. See mypressi - easy elegant espresso

      Stephen, the CEO has been very helpful.