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Moka Pot - rehab or new?

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  • Moka Pot - rehab or new?


    I have a cheap (no name) aluminium moka pot I purchased from an outlet kitchen store (looks like the Bialetti octagonal style but not), it was $15.

    When making an espresso in it, it has always had a rubber taste and now also has a rubber/mould taste/smell.

    I have thoroughly cleaned it with vinegar & bicarb/dish detergent and the smell/taste persists.

    Should I:

    1. Throw the pot and get a decent one? (Whats a good reasonably priced espresso maker?)

    2. Clean it differently somehow?

    3. Replace the rubber seal?

    Thanks, Im really enjoying the coffee snob experience!

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    Re: Moka Pot - rehab or new?

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs PandAHill

    I think what you found is pretty common in cheaper Moka pots (and some pricey ones too) where the rubber has a petrochemical release for the life of it. Silicone gaskets or synthetic rubber/nylon are better.

    You might be able to track down a replacement seal but it might not be worth the effort.

    I prefer the stainless moka pots with a silicone seal. Never had the "smelly pot" issue with those and the no-name ones are quite cheap in "$2 shop" type places... under $20 typically.

    The one you have can go on the shelf as the first pot in your new coffee gear collection.

    Enjoy the journey!