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Help with large moka pot

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  • Help with large moka pot

    I have mastered consistent good coffee in a 6 cup moka with a heavy s/s base. I have an older s/s moka that consistently makes terrible coffee irrespective of what I do. It puts out about 4 cups, splutters and burns the rest. Should I just throw it out or can you make good coffee in these things?
    Oh, I forgot its a 12 cup via Valente or something....

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    Hi wily quixote back my way i use a six cup avanti moka pot i found that if the heat on the stove is set high this forces the

    coffee out of the bottom into the top part better and it flows out more evenly have not tried a 12 cup yet also how fine do you grind your coffee as i find

    the finer the grind the harder the water has to work to go through the coffee hope this info helps.


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      I also use a 6 cup Moka pot and my Dad uses a 12. I think I know the problem.

      Firstly, a word on grinding. You need to use a medium to medium/fine grind. Anything finer that this and the coffee is usually bitter. Don't tamp it but fill the basket above the top. It will flatten down when you screw the base back on.

      Secondly, Moka pots seem to work better when the heat is lower. I find that the spluttering is what seems to spoil it. My advice - for what it's worth - is to take the pot off the gas or whatever, as soon as the coffee reaches the bottom of the V-shaped spout. The slower you can get the coffee to come out (within reason), the better.

      Now, I think I know what you're going to say: "But I won't fill the top chamber." That's right, you probably won't but if you fill the bottom chamber with water up to the bottom of the safety valve, there should be enough water there to avoid getting any steam through the coffee basket which is what will make it bitter. Just keep an eye on the level and take it off just before you've got enough. Don't let it fill to the outlet or the back pressure will spray it everywhere.

      You should avoid letting it splutter. I find that is what destroys it.

      Hope this helps.