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Advice for a MoJoToGo 'starters kit'

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  • Advice for a MoJoToGo 'starters kit'

    Hi -

    I've considered getting my hands on a MoJoToGo refractometer a few times in the past, but I'm now at the stage where I'd use it enough to better justify the cost. It will be for filter coffee only.

    But I have to admit I'm hesitant about jumping in on the 'bundle' packages as sold on the VST site.

    Can anyone with some experience of these help me with some advice about required accessories? Obviously I need the app, which I can get via the appstore. Otherwise I'd anticipate getting some 1mL Transfer Pipettes. Other than that, is there anything else on this list, which are mandatories?



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    Have a talk to Coffee Roasters Australia...

    They have lots of cool toys.


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      Hi DG,

      We sell the full range of refractometer gear at and being local you'll get it shipped to you quicker and cheaper than from the US.

      If you're starting from scratch there's nothing in the bundle that's superfluous unfortunately (which is why we call it a 'starter kit'), and the parts are cheaper in the bundle than equivalent parts elsewhere or separately. Although it's $200 on top of the standalone meter, you get the ExtractMojo software ($200 on its own) plus the filters, pipettes, scales, cleaning gear etc. You can't get usable readings without using a clarified (highly filtered) sample, so you need the filters. Unless you already have a very accurate set of scales you can't accurately measure the weight of your sample to put usable information into ExtractMojo. There's nothing special about the pipettes or alcohol wipes if you already have those or something similar, but you need to be able to transfer a sample cleanly, and clean the window properly, so again both are necessary. Without the luerlock syringes you can't properly draw coffee through the filter.

      The only alternative if you're planning on just using the iPhone app (rather than ExtractMojo) and you already have a good set of scales, would be the following:
      * buy the standard meter for $399 or the LAB meter for $599
      * buy the syringe/filter kit for $79

      This will work out about $120 cheaper than buying it in the bundle and if you go with the standard one you get 50 filters rather than the 25 you normally get in the standard bundle (LAB bundle comes with 50).

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        Much appreciated, Greg. I wasn't even aware there was a local supplier here in AUS, so thanks for replying and providing a link.

        The detailed response also helps a lot. I hadn't considered the ExtractMojo software as an option, as I am mostly Mac-based and expected to rely on the iPhone app. I do also have quite a few sets of scales (including 0.1 gm w/ calibration) so I will probably still consider the meter + syringe/filter kit option in my case.

        Thanks again.


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          No probs at all. ExtractMojo is designed for Windows use but you can use it on OS X v10.5.3 or later, running VMware Fusion, Parallels or BootCamp. MojoToGo, as the name suggests, is an 'on-the-go' version so it's stripped down somewhat. They both perform the same basic process of calculating extraction yield but ExtractMojo is a more visual way of working where MojoToGo is just numbers and sliders. ExtractMojo links to the industry-recognised Universal Brewing Charts so you can choose where on the graph you want your coffee extracted for a given dose and it calculates the rest. The numbers can get a bit confusing to start with and ExtractMojo helped me to visualise what's going on a bit more, but if you've already got your head around that the numbers then the iPhone app will do the same underlying task.

          Sounds to me like the meter + syringe/filter kit is the best option in your situation. The LAB version has sold out (again) but we've got more on the way.

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