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Hario v60 dripper bean recommendations?

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  • Hario v60 dripper bean recommendations?

    Hi there,

    Just got my 2-cup hario v60 in the mail today. Don't really know what to do with it to be honest. More importantly, don't know what bean I should be using. Also, I know its not the most suitable grinder, but I've had this antique adjustable hand grinder that's been in the family for about 50+ years and managing to get consistent grind with it (I'll link a pic of it)

    I tried some of my home roasted Tanzanian beans but they've been roasted to just within 2c so I don't think that's ideal for drip. Still tasted better than the coffee at uni so that's not too bad. Just doesn't taste sweet or fruity..

    , anyone out there have any tips?

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    The type of bean you use is personal taste, lighter roasted beans bring out more of the flavour nuances of a good quality bean but will also show up defects in a poorer quality bean. Yirgachef, Sidamo are a couple of beans that produce great pourover, I roast these to rolling first crack, a bit of chaff may still be on the beans but they produce great clean, sweet, delicate full of flavour cups--get in there and experiment with the beans you have, I did a clever dripper brew of my mocha espresso blend yesterday and it produced a lovely cup of coffee, make your own rules and experiment--enjoy your pourover experience.


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      The video on this thread could be pretty helpful to you:
      I don't home roast, but I do prepare a v60 every morning before work and have found that lightly roasted coffee with a medium grind is what does it for me. Good luck and enjoy experimenting!


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        A bit old I know but I don't get here that much. Your Turkish/Greek styled grinder won't like course grinding to much so you will tend to get a bit more variation than ideal. As your brewing with paper it still won't cause you to get fines in the cup but it will tend to tend to over and under extract the coffee due to the variation.

        Best bet is coffee a little after FC as a guide but well before SC. Not all coffees are any good for Brewed methods either. Couple of potentials are Seven Seeds, Market Lane, Filter Brewers in Melbourne or Mecca is well worth a go in Sydney. There are a bunch more and while I love there roasts for brewed I am NOT a fan of a lot of them for Espresso as they are to light.

        Have Fun