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    Hi all,

    I've recently switched from using cloth filters to paper filters in my Syphon. I'm using the same grind as I did with the cloth filters and I'm getting a heck of a lot of grinds in the bottom chamber. Is there any tricks of the trade to stop these grinds getting down without distorting the taste?


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    Yep STOP using the paper filters YUCK and as much of a pain to have to pre rinse to try and stop the paper taint of your brew as cleaning the cloth ones.

    Sounds like you not getting a decent seal between the chamber and filter holder. If it is a metal one then check for a bow or bend in it. If it is a plastic one or it looks straight then your chamber may not be flat around the seal area. The Cloth will be a little more forgiving for seal over paper.

    I have tried both Hario and Kono paper filters BTW and cloth for me!