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American Coffee Trader organic cotton Aeropress filter

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  • American Coffee Trader organic cotton Aeropress filter

    Thought I should start a separate thread on this rather than clog up the Kaffeologie S-filter thread. My initial tests (two cups) showed a more rounded flavour profile over my metal filters (S-filter and ABLE disk) but I'll be subjecting myself (with much reluctance ) to more tests in the next few days to see if a trend develops. Anyone interested in learning a bit more about these may find Aeropress Filter Throwdown | SnobCoffery informative - it certainly helped me.

    I've only made two cups so far, both using the inverted method. I think this is fairly important with the cotton filter because the coffee starts running through as soon as you invert it, so without inversion the coffee would be underdeveloped. The second cup I had issues with the cotton filter falling into the coffee (twice!) so still need to work on a method to avoid this! The cotton filter has to be stored in water in the fridge so certainly higher maintenance, but the flavour so far is making it worth it.

    One of the great things is having several different filters to choose from. I'm amazed that they can each give a different flavour profile! Who's game to start a list of different methods and different filters that work well for different beans??!

    Be interested to hear how people find this who have used it.
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    I cut up a Hario syphon filter, in the shape of an aeropress filter, which the result looks almost identical to the above product. Funny that.

    My thoughts, the cup tasted nice. Better than the S-Filter? Dunno about that.

    It was a nice cup, little fines, bold and thick body. Very much like the S-Filter but I think the S-Filter allows through even more flavour and oils.

    I'd need to do some side-by side comparo's, but honestly, the effort in storing (in water), and cleaning the cloth filter is just absolutely painful. I threw away my franken-filter after only a few uses because it was brown and too difficult to clean. Fun to do some brewing with the different filters though!


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      Hehe probably no surprise, American Coffee Trader make Hario syphon filters too! I agree about the extra body with the cotton filter, that's one of the things I liked about it. I don't find the storage that difficult - rinse it out and put it in water in the fridge, but a mesh or paper one would certainly be easier on the road. Horses for courses, for me at home it's working well so far.