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Grinds in my coffee - Stove Top

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  • Grinds in my coffee - Stove Top

    Hi guys,

    I'm not sure if it's me doing something wrong or if this is normal but am I suppose to get leftover grinds in the cup brewed from Stove Top?

    I have a stove top similar to a Baletti.

    P.S. note this only become an issue when I am on holidays as I'm on makeshift system (Grindripper with Stove Top) so I'm quite inexperienced.

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    You might be grinding a little too fine. Need to be a bit coarser than for an espresso machine. Can't say I've ever experienced grinds in the cup (but maybe I haven't been super observant).


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      I have a lot.. it's like a soupy coffee soup.

      Would you have a picture of how course I'm suppose to have the grinds?

      The holes on my stove top are also quite big so I don't actually understand how the grinds DON'T pass through.. stove top plate attached..
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        I don't have any photos of my own, but if you google "Making Espresso in a Moka Pot" you'll find a non-commercial site that has one photo of the grinds that looks about right (I might go a touch coarser than the photo).. Or just google "grinding for moka pot" and click 'images''ll find some relevant photos.


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          Its better to be too coarse then too fine, so start very coarse and go fine as you dare, too fine and it will be burnt/bitter tasting even with milk and sugar


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            The grind for a stove top espresso is quite a bit more coarse than that used for electric / pump driven espresso machines. It is close enough to a filter grind.

            I would be looking at your technique. Make sure you fill the filter funnel completely and DO NOT tamp in the same sense as people do with modern electric type machines. Its ok to settle it gently by tapping it (the funnel) on a breadboard or similar, the grinds will settle down and leave space for you to refill the funnel until it is full again. The funnel must be full when you assemble the two halves of the pot.

            Done properly, it would be unusual to have grinds coming through the machine.

            Hope that helps.


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              Thanks guys - so looking at the photos on Google, I'd say the grind particles should be bigger than the holes?
              Is this correct?
              Just need some sort of gage to know where to start on the Grindripper before I kill my arm..