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  • home made cold drip

    Hi all, I thought I'd share my latest... I built a bit of a prototype cold-drip tower out of some scrap jarrah I had laying around. I must admit, it's not finished yet, but I became impatient and just had to try it out!

    It has three shelves, one for a feed bottle on top, one in the middle for the grinds holder, and one for the jug to catch the brew.

    Top shelf consists of soft drink bottle with the bottom cut off, a 60 cent adjustable irrigation dripper tapped in to the lid and adjusted to approx 40 drips / min.

    Middle shelf I've used my Aeropress brew chamber, with a metal S-filter. Grinds are added, gently tamped and some cut-down aeropress paper filters placed on top of the bed.

    Bottom shelf, my Hario range server to catch the brew.

    My recipe today:

    58gm of Indo Wahana Natural, ground coarsely, very gently tamped, two paper filters on top so the drips don't cause an un-even extraction
    600gm cold H2O in the soft drink bottle
    100gm ICE blocks in the soft drink bottle

    Time is approx 7 hours until completed.

    Brew is then poured in to a storage bottle and kept in the fridge (can be kept for a couple of weeks, cold)

    Serve straight on ice, or on ice with some sparkling water, or even with a dash of milk or condensed milk.

    This is only the second brew I've done on it. Yesterday I did a Kenya Mihuti and it was very nice straight on ice, great aroma, lovely flavour and very little acidity.

    I'm hoping this Wahana brew really slaps me in the face it should be interesting!

    One day I'll maybe construct a more impressive tower
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    Re: home made cold drip

    That's a great idea! I feel a project coming on... ;-)

    Where did you get the dripper?


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      home made cold drip

      Bunnings (hardware store) it's an irrigation dripper


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        That looks cool (pardon the pun )

        How much coffee do you end up with? Presume quite a bit gets left in the middle chamber?



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          home made cold drip

          Just a fraction over 600ml


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            Nice rig, well done.

            58g is an odd "internet figure" and I suspect you don't have enough coffee in there, for cold drip think more like ristretto ratios. Would you pull 200ml of water through a double basket? If you did what happens after the first 40ml?

            Some tips I've learnt during the last 800 litres of cold drip and 100kg odd of coffee...

            40 drips a minute is about the right drip rate. Obviously it will depend on the size of the drips but for my setup 30 is too slow and 60 too high.

            In the big commercial Yama cold drip I'll run 450g of coffee to 4 litres of water.
            You can dilute later (as you mentioned) with cold or hot liquids.

            Ice is optional. It makes very little difference to the end result unless your water temperature is above 50C. Room temperature water is fine.

            You also mentioned that you "ground coarsely", I've found far better results with a filter grind, just off espresso and similar to what you would run in the Aeropress. More surface area on the grinds is very important in cold drip.

            Skip the light tamp, it serves no real purpose on a deep bed of coffee as it will compact the top, not the bottom. Instead try using a more consistant tap,tap method on the bench, this will remove the gaps through the whole "puck". You can then adjust your grind depth with more accuracy.

            Play around with your ratios and grind depth and you should be able to produce a cold drip brew with plenty of body and a higher concentration (which will allow more creative drinks to be made).

            Enjoy the journey!


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              Andy, thanks heaps for the tips, after my second brew I can certainly say I need more grinds, and a finer grind would probably work better also

              I just sampled my latest wahana brew and it's lovely, a real "bomb" but not as "concentrated" as I expected. I should probably work on about 120gm for 700gm water.

              Cheers for the tips! all good fun


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                home made cold drip

                May I ask what is the yellow thing on the top layer that is holding the bottle and the dripper?


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                  Originally posted by brokenvase View Post
                  May I ask what is the yellow thing on the top layer that is holding the bottle and the dripper?
                  sure! It's the top off a broken popcorn popper. it seems ideal for holding a bottle. At least, until I come up with a less-agricultural method


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                    It's on again, and with Andy's recommendations on board (like double the coffee grinds)..

                    It's been on for 4hrs so far (pic taken earlier in the brew as you can see).. It's almost finished actually.

                    This time, it's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Chelba natural

                    looking forward to it! hot week this week!


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                      brew is done, I must have had the drip up faster than I thought because it finished in 4.5hrs

                      i've served it up on ice topped up with some sparkling water. It's nice! Sweet, fruity. Pretty much what you'd expect from a Yirg (except the sweetness). Very pleasant to drink. I like it. I've bottled about 600ml in the fridge for this week (hot).


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                        If you have some loose leaf tea to play with, try brewing a cold brew with it! It is phenomenal



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                          home made cold drip

                          That sounds awesome!


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                            Originally posted by mwcalder05 View Post
                            If you have some loose leaf tea to play with, try brewing a cold brew with it! It is phenomenal

                            That tea you gave me last week was fantastic, thanks actually better than the coffee.

                            very refreshing and crisp, the Mrs like it too.


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                              home made cold drip

                              I'm excited! Almost completed my rig today too! Thanks for the tips on how to build this. What I found tricky was doing the dripper. Had to use plumbing tape and PVC tape to make sure it was sealed. Also had to file down the sides of the dripper a bit too. Will post photos when done