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Mypressi gone bust?

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  • Mypressi gone bust?

    Can anyone confirm if the mypressi business is still operating? Like is anyone getting any responses from the owner?

    Their web site seems to indicate yes but after ordering and paying for an upgrade to my unit and sending it to them at the address they provided, it was at first undelivered for a week sitting at the local post office after no one was at the given address to take delivery. Then, on inquiry the owner S. O'Brien made an excuse about an address having changed (but he had sent me the address in an email before I mailed it!), then nothing further for a week. I made another inquiry that resulted in "we will post it back tomorrow" which did not happen, then nothing. Not a peep. No further inquiries are answered. I wasn't rude or anything at all. This actually sounds exactly like a place where I worked that was for all purposes insolvent: empty promises, non-responses, excuses etc. so I am quite concerned.

    So unfortunately it looks like I have to write off my beloved Mypressi Twist. Looks like I will not get it back. It was a great piece of equipment that I used for more than 18 months for several brews every day. I am probably going to buy another to replace my lost unit. I have been drinking bloody awful plunger brew while my Mypressi was away and have had enough of it.

    Based on what happened to me, I would advise anyone to be cautious. The owner was responsive enough on previous and initial queries but for some reason has clammed up. I hope nothing serious has happened in his family for example.


    Well the moment while I was submitting this thread, the owner emailed me! All seems well based on that response.

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    If all is well again, it might be best to edit your post... and its title.. so as not to scare potential customers !


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      Does not seem possible to do any editing any more.