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  • Chemex retailers - online or Melbourne

    Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend a Chemex retailer - either online or in Melbourne (South or South-Eastern Suburbs)????

    I really need one ......


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    Hello Pauly,

    Site sponsor Veneziano sell Chemex.



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      Di Bella @ North Melbourne or online
      My Di Bella Coffee

      EDIT: Alot cheaper at Veneziano


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        Thanks. Veneziano is looking good.

        At MICE someone told me to go for the 6 cup chemex as the 3 cup is difficult to get good repeatable results with due to the small upper cone size. I prefer the size of the 3 cup though.

        What do you think ???


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          One more thing. Do you need special Chemex filters or can you just use filters from the supermarket?


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            from all the information and video's that i've watched i'd recommend the chemex filters (I don't have one myself though)

            100 packs of filters from veneziano are only 10 bucks each


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              Thanks. Off to Veneziano then...


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                I use the 6 cup, and brew mostly for three people with it (a 30gm/500gm brew), it's excellent. I bought mine from Veneziano (shipped to Perth), while they had 20% off, and free shipping over $50. grabbed filters, and they threw in some really amazing Yirg Heirloom


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                  interested to hear your experience of what chemex coffee is like, never tried it myself but am interested as to how it compares to other filter / drip methods


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                    Originally posted by phrostyboi View Post
                    interested to hear your experience of what chemex coffee is like, never tried it myself but am interested as to how it compares to other filter / drip methods
                    OK. I brew using a variety of methods daily. Here's why I like Chemex:

                    It's a big brewer you can entertain like a boss with it. I almost never brew only for myself as it's a waste in my opinion. I'd rather use a clever dripper, v60 or aeropress for single brews.

                    The filter papers are good quality (imo), they are heavy and provide a really lovely cup, quite clean, no sediment, still get nice oils. Obviously they need a rinse first.

                    The Chemex itself is a lovely design, in fact, I'm sure it's in the "top 50 best designs" on earth, ever. Or something along those lines. Even James Bond brews one (in one of the films). It's a lovely server, decanter, etc. I have the wood-collar version.

                    I'd say it's maybe somewhere between a clever dripper and v60. While it is indeed a pour over, it doesn't have a 'ribbed' cone. While not a full immersion brewer, it almost acts like one, the brew exits quite slowly, brew times are generally higher than a pour over with a wave or ribbed gone.

                    You can get some lovely metal filters for them, the Able Kone comes to mind, but it changes everything. Coarseness and technique changes a lot to prevent clogging.

                    Good value for money, as you get the 'cone' and the receiving vessel all in one. (as opposed to say, buying a v60 and a nice glass jug to receive the brew). Of course, you can use a v60 on top of anything really.

                    Lots of video's around!


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                      thanks for the insight to it jamesm, sounds like I need to try it myself and see what I make of it

                      i've tried syphon, pour over, aeropress and of course plunger and don't mind either of those methods

                      will have to track down somewhere in melb that I can get some (I only know of veneziano which is a fair hike for me from Altona lol)

                      theres only 3 people in the hosue where I live of which i'm the only coffee drinker so not sure if having a chemex would be really a good idea for me...


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                        I like the look of the Hario V60 Drip Decanter. Seems very similar to the Chemex 6 cup.....


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                          The chemex filter papers are far heavier than the v60 papers, yet the brew seems almost bolder, perhaps because the chemex is a much slower pour over than v60 (more steep as a result, almost full immersion).

                          For a 1-person brew method, I wouldn't recommend chemex. Sure you can get the 1-3 cup, but yeah... I'd go an aeropress, ccd, or v60 instead. A fellow at my work recently bought the v60 decanter/dripper and is pretty happy with it. Of course, they work best with a good pouring kettle, where an aeropress or CCD doesn't need that controlled flow rate.


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                            I went with the Hario V60 decanter.

                            For the record though, Veneziano had the best online price (with free shipping) by far!


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                              The Hario V60 arrived at it is EXCELLENT!!! Highly recommended.