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  • Syphon Rookie and other things

    I recently bought a hario 3 cup syphon to have a go at filter coffees. I'm going to be getting a butane burner soon, but was wondering what hand grinder I should consider buying as well. For convenience in shipping costs and time, I've noticed most sites sell the Rekrow burner and hario mini mill for about ~$100. But Im also considering a porlex mini based off comments I've seen about the hario.

    I've yet to find a place that sells a burner & porlex at the moment.

    All in all, any advice for me or general syphon tips?

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    Congrats on the syphon, it's a fun brewer and very entertaining too! (great for when friends are over)

    The butane burner's are ideal as you can control the temp fairly well.

    I personally cannot recommend the hario hand grinders, the quality is poor and you'll be in the market for a better one before long.

    On a budget, I would suggest the PORLEX grinders. They are tough and just better quality all over.

    If you can stretch your budget I would recommend waiting four weeks for the new Comandante hand grinders to land in Oz. I had the opportunity to check them out at the expo in Melbourne and have to say, they are incredible. Double the cost of a Porlex however!

    For syphon params, you could try:

    15/16gm of med-fine grind
    265gm water; then:

    heat water, affix top chamber, let water rise. lower heat source so the water still sits in the top chamber, stir top chamber a little to drop the temp. Aim for 88-92C up top. Try your best to remove all bubbles from the top chamber while the heat is on, gently position the filter with a paddle/spoon until the bubbles are gone or mostly gone
    drop grinds in, gently submerge with a paddle/spoon, steep for ~35 seconds
    remove heat source entirely at 35sec and gently help the brew in the top chamber drop with a little agitation/stiring.
    let cool in bottom chamber or transfer to other jug/carafe for serving after about 5-8 min of cooling.

    clean your cloth filter with water and keep it damp, inside a sealed container

    mmmm, I'm drooling right now.


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      Thanks James, I've got all the kit i need at the moment (porlex mini & rekrow burner) and have been playing around lately while using an app as a basic guideline for what to do at the moment. Also, 35 second brew? I've been doing around 1:30-45, 15/16gm coffee medium grind (coarseness similar to white sugar) ~275ml water.

      As for the filter, I rinse in warm water after use and store in a cup of water in the fridge. About how many times should I use till i get new ones?


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        Buy some Cafetto and give your filters a soak every week. New filters are for me as needed but I get a lot of brews from mine. They get a good rinse between uses and left dry and cleaned. Commercial use and management of filters is quite different to home.

        20-21g/3cups (360ml) works nicely. Brew time for me varies from 45-60 seconds before starting the drawdown.

        Hand grinders I have been generally fairly disappointed with all of the Ceramic Asian imports for more course grinds. The lack of lower burr support at course brewed coffee settings in particular on harder less fully roasted beans is not good.

        Enjoy the playing and finding what works for you