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  • Grind for aero press

    i think I'm going to get my Mum an aero press sometime soon. I've never used one, but am convinced by the hype, and think that this will suit her well.

    What grind would you use roughly, say compared to plunger...? Similar? Mum ain't gonna faff around with grinding, so I'll probably be doing that/leaving my old grinder set up for her.
    (It doesn't grind fine enough for espresso.)

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    I've got an aeropress and use a manual hand grinder Shortblackman....

    I set it coarser than I would for espresso but not as coarse as I would for plunger...Reasonably fine if you get my drift...I weigh out about 10-12 grams of roasted coffee beans per 100 ml of water..set the kettle for 90 C get the aerocino on because I often enjoy a milk coffee, usually cap... grind the bean, pull the plunger right out to the end of the tube and invert the press put ground beans straight into the inverted press, and pour the heated measured water over the grind and stir....I generally infuse for about 2 minutes, filter and holder on then invert to the right way up and slowly plunge into cup...I have mucked around a bit with the grind and infuse times, along with not inverting my press but I find doing it this way is the cleanest, most efficient way....I also like a sweet not so acidic bean, that along with the grind and timing gives me a nice coffee...I must admit down here, our weather is normally fairly dry so I really don't need to change the grind so much to compensate for that...Usually it's that grind for me and that timing....You may find you or your mum like it slightly different, so it's a bit of playing around to start with I think...Then your fine...I think the Aeropress really makes a lovely coffee...Others may do it differently, but this way I find I don't have any apart from some very fine dregs left in the bottom of the cup when I finish my drink.

    I know that is more info than you asked for but hopefully it will save you a bit of time and hassle. Not that it really matters.




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      Thanks for answering my question. I had two more and you answered those as well! ( re brewing technique and preference for inverted method).

      Well, it seems from what you suggest that my old grinder may have found a new job!

      Thanks BD



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        Hi SBM
        I agree with BD on all counts. I would add that it's worth experimenting with different grinds to see what works for you. I sometimes use an espresso grind and brew for a shorter period which can produce a different flavour profile than a coarser grind with a longer brew time. I also find that the aero press is great for those home roasts that end up too light to be any good as espresso shots. As I've just started home roasting there have been quite a few of those!


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          With mine, I just set the grinder to where it would produce a 10 Second Gusher on the espresso machine. This in turn produces a lovely rich brew from the AeroPress over about 20-25 seconds using a force that I can manage without trouble...



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            I have found grinding to the consistency of fine castor sugar is about right for me. Tick for the inverted method, 13gm coffee for 200gm water, lighter roasts certainly work well if that's the flavour profile you enjoy. Preheat aeropress and rinse filter, then steep for 1 min, stir, then plunge @ 1:30 for about 45 sec-1 min. I think of method as a easy, portable & convenient alternative to filter/pour over with a similar flavour profile.



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              Thanks all ! Now to buy (give) and try!

              Looking forward to it.