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Porsche Design Siemens TC911P2

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  • Porsche Design Siemens TC911P2

    I acquired this brewer early this week. It is a very elegant design, albeit a little tall if you have overhead cabinets in the kitchen.

    Left Top - Removable water reservoir
    Left Bottom - Fixed "boiler" with power switch
    Centre Spine - Hot water riser column to shower head
    Right Top - Shower head/coffee cone filter holder
    Right Bottom - Thermal carafe
    Base Plate - Touch pad controls
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    The reservoir lifts off and can be filled through its stainless steel perforated lid. The lid can be removed to clean the inside of the reservoir.

    I have filled the reservoir to half way (4 cups) - level visible through the sight glass.
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      To fill the cone, remove the carafe and swing the cone assembly away from the fixed shower head

      The cone assembly includes a removable plastic cone filter holder with a spring loaded valve at its outlet. Melitta #4 paper filters fit.

      The shower head has six outlets.
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        Close the cone assembly and reinstate the carafe.

        Power on the unit at the switch at the rear of the "boiler" unit.

        The base plate hosts the controls for the unit. The buttons are back lit. Select coffee strength, either half or full reservoir, and away it goes.
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          Very neat...