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Behmor Brazen - Winner SCAE 2014 Best New Product.

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  • Behmor Brazen - Winner SCAE 2014 Best New Product.

    Hot off the press...

    The Behmor Brazen has just won the "Best Coffee Related Product or Machine" at the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association Europe) World of Coffee in Rimini, Italy.

    This is the the same pre-production 220v/240v Brazen that we had at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo last month.

    The journey has been a long one for the 220v Brazen and there have been a lot of small changes to the workings to ensure that when it's finally released here it will be best in class by a mile.

    This SCAE award goes to show Behmor is right on track with this electronic pourover machine, congrats to Joe Behm for all his hard work and hair pulling on this project over the last few years.

    We are hopeful to finally land them later in the year, when we do we will be sure to let everyone know!
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    Geez Andy, do you have to hang the carrot on such a long pole?
    Words like "hopeful" "finally" and "later" only add to the anguish of us CoffeeSnobs!
    However, I am sure that all Joe's "hair pulling" and "hard work" will be well worth the wait.


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      Sorry about your anguish Kevo, I too feel your pain.

      I loved the Brazen this time last year, the small tweaks mean that the usability and stability are even better than before. We held off on landing the Brazen last year as there were a few things that we thought could be improved and thanks to working with a very receptive company we have again prodded to make the best even better (although I'm sure Joseph swore at me profusely initially).


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        Are you able to post the approximate price for this gadget?



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          Any updates?

          Originally posted by artman View Post
          Are you able to post the approximate price for this gadget?

          Hi Andy

          Any update on a 240v version of the Brazen? It's been ages now!! I see they are now selling an updated version, the Brazen Plus in the US now.

          Many thanks!


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            We had the 220v prototype of the brazen plus here 12 months ago.... It's taken that long to get Australian certification but now that's done the factory will schedule the first 220/240v soon.


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              Oh I dunno...

              Twelve months ain't too bad...



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                Thanks Andy. Thought it sounded closer to release last year, but great tend to forget about the red tape that can go with it!!
                Really look forward to hearing exciting news of its Ozzie debut soon!!


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                  I agree with Crema_Lad - I can't wait to give this machine a try! I finally joined coffee snobs to find out more about this machine! Looking forward to it, Andy.


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                    The factory has started building our model right now which should mean this side of mid-year availability in AU!
                    (the process is build / test / freight / customs clearances etc then they will be in BeanBay)

                    More details when I know 'em and as always... it doesn't exist until I can touch them!


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                      Still on track for the xxxx price point?


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                        don't exist until I can touch them!

                        After they land we will know the pricing, the AU$ is a shocker at the moment and the brewers, freight, duty and GST will all be in a converted US$ to AU$ amount.

                        I really won't quote a price or a date until I can touch them... but you can see the trend of our dollar at the moment below.
                        (put simply, the lower the $ the higher the price for everything imported)


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                          Hi Andy, any news on how the build is going?


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                            Originally posted by Andy View Post
                            don't exist until I can touch them!

                            Originally posted by Andy View Post
                            I really won't quote a price or a date until I can touch them...
                            Think that should answer your question...



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                              Live (well it was live when the picture was taken yesterday) from the factory test bench, the Australian Behmor Brazen build goes through some rigorous testing including high voltage to earth, chassis tests, temperature calibration and other general build testing.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	AustralianBrazenTests.jpg
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                              I don't know of another company that puts their gear through the level of testing that Joseph Behm does. He pays a premium to get it right before he will put his company name on the gear. Not only does the factory that builds the equipment run tests but a high percentage of them are then sampled by a third party company who provides us with a written report on a second round of testing which covers everything from build, components and right down to packaging and instructions.

                              The Brazen build is complete, testing is nearly complete and the whole lot will go in the container late this week heading for here!

                              Exciting times ahead for for everyone that wants a repeatable, configurable, one degree accurate electronic pour-over machine.