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Disappointed - Bonavita variable temp kettle

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  • Disappointed - Bonavita variable temp kettle

    I've just returned my SECOND bonavita kettle, due to rapid rusting/corrosion of the stainless steel. Specifically, rust developed along the edge of the base inside the kettle. When this happened the first time, the retailer told me they thought it was an isolated issue and replaced the kettle. The second kettle lasted about 3 months before it went the same way. There was also corrosion evident on the oustide of the kettle, where the steel joins the plastic base.

    This really should not happen in a $100+ kettle, when cheap electric kettles (not variable temp or gooseneck, but the same general function) can last a decade without any issues.

    I've returned the kettle for a refund, so debating what to buy next. I will miss the convenience of the variable temp electric and gooseneck, but I guess I'll have to go for a Hario Buono type deal.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or advice about my next kettle purchase?

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    I have the same finger crossed. Tiamo are they only other kettle I know that has a temperature gauge built in. Unfortunatly its not electric, looks nice though.


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      Weird; I've owned one for a year and one for a few months and haven't had any issues.

      Definitely rust and not scale or other deposits (which I've seen come up brown in kettles)?


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        I've had the Breville version for years and it's great


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          I am going to check mine when I get home from work, you have me worried. It's about 6 months old.

          I checked the temp on mine a couple of days ago and it is definitely out by 2 deg C downward. I always just trusted that it was correct.



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            Purchased mine last year and rust started to appear inside the kettle around the rim and progressively got worse. I approached the suppliers at MICE about the problem and they told me to send them photos when in return to Perth. I did this and they have since sent me a new kettle. Hopefully my original kettle came from a bad batch!!!


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              Originally posted by walrus84 View Post
              I guess I'll have to go for a Hario Buono type deal.

              Does anyone have any suggestions or advice about my next kettle purchase?
              Hario Buono with a portable induction hotplate. You can then regulate temperature accurately with the hotplate.



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                I wouldn't expect scale buildup after only a few months - especially when there's nothing on our regular kettle or my espresso machine. I have never checked the temp accuracy - like you I always just assumed it was correct.

                I really love the idea of this kettle - they just don't seem to have executed it well. Or at least not consistently, seeing others don't seem to have similar issues. My two were definitely from different batches, but still the same issue arose.

                Shapeshifter - I'm guessing the Breville doesn't have a gooseneck spout?

                STS - I hadn't considered a separate hotplate. Any particular models you'd suggest?


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                  walrus, no unfortunately not, rust v normal spout, I think normal spout wins this time.


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                    hmm this is interesting, i've never actually taken notice to mine but after close inspection there is definitely an area within the inner ring where it has started to rust
                    there is a brown spot of rust

                    i got it from a non-sponsor..maybe i should be in contact with them?


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                      I just checked mine and there is rust around the top edge where the lid sits and on the same place on the lid also, minimal but still there.

                      I feel a bit disappointed now. I don't use it a lot but being off on temp and rusting after such a short time is not good.

                      The worst thing is I recommended one to someone else recently.

                      Oh well, live and learn.


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                        I followed this up with Bernard from Bombora- the importer.

                        He informs that there have been issues with about 5 units of 2000 sold to date (0.0025%). Whilst there are clearly issues with some units, these numbers may help provide some perspective.


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                          Thanks for those numbers. Based on that, I must have been unlucky to get two of the faulty units. Nonetheless, I don't think I'll be running the risk with another one.


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                            Originally posted by walrus84 View Post
                            I hadn't considered a separate hotplate. Any particular models you'd suggest?
                            There are a lot of cheaper ones around but the "NuWave PIC2" (do a search in Google) pretty well does it all, a very flexible and well built unit...



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                              I thought the exchange rate was around A$1.00 = US$0.93, but a comparison of the offers on the US and AU nuwave sites shows it to be more like A$1.00 < US$0.25!

                              In the contiguous US, US$100 gets you TWO cooktops and a bunch of cookware. S&P not included.

                              In Australia, A$300 gets you ONE cooktop and less cookware. Another $120-160 gets you the rest of the cookware (dunno the price of the 9" frypan lid), but still only ONE cooktop! P&H not included.

                              Oh the poor Australian importers, wholesalers and retailers. I had no idea the cost of doing business in Australia was so-o-o-o expensive!

                              If Andy can sell the Behmor 1600 Plus for so little markup compared to the US model, what's going on here?