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Moka cup perks cold coffee...

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  • Moka cup perks cold coffee...

    Add water below the safety valve, but no boiling, perks cold coffee...can anyone help me with this?? thank you!!

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    It has to boil (ie get bloody hot) to perc anything, doesn't it? I'm bewildered.

    Is this not a process whereby water boils, the (hot) steam created passes through filter, coffee, up the spout, and into the top compartment? Impossible without steam.

    Interested in what others say...

    Could you give a step by step description of how you use your moka pot? Might give us a clue.


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      It can't not boil :-) As long as you have it on the electric stove or the gas stove it will boil. But cold coffee coming out means the water level is probably too high. The water is expanding as it heats and its coming up the pipe before its hot enough. Try it with a water level an inch less.

      There was a thread a while ago which had a good link to some Youtube videos that showed how to modify the temperature of the Moka pot process just by varying the water level. Can't find it though.



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        Twas the video described…

        Great vid - almost keen to get the pot out again after seeing this!
        Can't see how you get cold coffee though?


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          Silly question - you are putting the coffee and water in the bottom half, and making sure that the top half is empty when you start, right?