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  • Syphon - Hario or Yama

    Hey all. Looking at getting started with a syphon, 5 cup for filter and keeping for iced coffee in summer. in either Hario or Yama as both are available nearby. Any experience? I'm reading a bit of dislike for Yama in terms if copying designs off Hario?

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    Dunno about Yama Perko... I have a 2 cup Hario which really is excellent IMO...



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      The new Hario Next comes with a metal filter as well as traditional cloth, nice looking unit, price is the biggest factor here!!


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        I have a couple of tabletop syphons: the 2 cup Yama and the 5 cup Yama. Personally, I preferred the design of the Yama stand on both sizes, and the 'fluted' design of the upper glass on the smaller syphon. I use a butane burner for both, with the original cloth filters. Thinking about trying a metal filter at some point as I believe they're available for the Yama.

        Both produce a really clean, bright cup if used correctly, but it can be easy to overheat the brew unless you pay close attention to your flame level and timing. There are some great video guides to syphon brewing online, as I'm sure you're aware, and I don't think there would be much variation in method between Yama or Hario syphons. I guess Hario have been around for a lot longer, but I don't read too much into the dislike of any particular brand when it comes to things like copying design. Sure, if the Yama was flawed technically, or not fit for purpose in other ways, then reviews are *often* useful. Otherwise I just find the noise distracting!

        Happy's an awesome way to brew, especially when entertaining. Very theatrical!


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          My only reason for sticking with hario is the fact that i've yet to see yama syphons in a high-volume setting (someone on this forum is bound to have, but i haven't).

          I don't know if it's simple marketing or not, but if it works in a high volume setting, it'll survive my weekly use

          . Both seem to work in the same ways and i doubt you'll find any difference in the cup between the two, so the question here is really price and durability. I remember hearing the harios are known to be a little hardier than the yamas, but once again, could just be marketing.

          hope that helps, and enjoy syphoning!