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French Press / plunger ??? (Panama Hartmann Geisha)

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  • French Press / plunger ??? (Panama Hartmann Geisha)

    Just brewed my first cup out of my 150gram bag of this delightful Panama Hartmann Geisha... It was magnificent, the apricot and other fruit notes were something else....

    Anyway just a quick query....

    I ground the coffee seconds before brewing, it was roasted on the 8th of October. I ground it in my modded Breville BCG450 on the setting for plunger on the finest end of that setting, I'm not sure if the grind was quite right as the coffee seemed to have all sunk about halfway thru the brew time, I don't think this usually happens with other coffees, but it could be that I'm just worrying myself over nothing... Either way it tasted great perhaps the best I've had, but I wonder if it could have been better if I got the grind size not quite right....

    So should the grinds stay up near the top for most of the brew time?? I put all the water in getting all the grounds in the water, waited 45 seconds, stirred, then brewed for the remainder of the 4 mins, and plunged slowly. About half way thru I noticed the grounds had mostly (not entirely) all dropped to the bottom... Just want some advice here so I know I'm getting the most out of this stuff as I don't think there is anymore available after this bag is finished...