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Held identifying syphon

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  • Held identifying syphon


    I picked up this syphon today. It is a neat unit with a flat bottom for the stove, snug rubber seal and a glass filter rod. The bakelite top also serves as a stand for the siphon and a lid for the carafe. Produces a nice clean cup.

    Can anyone assist me id the maker or suggest origin?
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    Hi Ajay, I love to play these sorts of games you have yourself quite a vintage piece there. More than likely from the 30s but 40s at the latest.

    The glassware shapes narrow it down to a few makers such as Cory, Silex, Shaw Hill and maybe even Kent. Although Kent made some pretty full on looking syphons and they had their own 'timer glass rod' which looked nothing like the rod in this one. The only reason I mentioned Kent is because of the lid. That lid is what makes it very difficult and only Kent has one that looks similar. It may be a mix and match you never know.

    Would you be able to upload more pictures of the lid from different angles? I can't quite understand its shape from the two photos alone.

    Most makers engraved their mark on the metal part that is connected to the handle. Is there anything still there?


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      Looks American but not like any Silex or Cory I have seen. Gasket not right and glass shape odd. Any identifying marks on the gasket? Typically gaskets were marked with a maker's name and American glass at a minimum had a mark from the Corning glass company who was the maker of Pyrex borosilicate glass, used in almost all American vacuum coffee makers. IIRC Kent had a tapered vacuum tube typically. There were literally dozens of brands at the height of American vacuum brewer production. Any name on the filter rod either? The Cory rod was very popular and many were bought as retrofit items for other brands of Vacuum brewers. Typically though all Cory and Cona rods I have seen were marked.


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        The only identification is a couple of serial numbers on the two bakelite lids. Y6-14714A & B. Not much to go on, so it may remain a mystery.


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          Model number starts with Y... Yama?


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            Hmmm... not a Yama! They didn't start on glass coffee makers until the late 1970's and this one looks a lot older.

            There is a lot of information and a pretty interesting collection of vacuum pots here:
            Vacuum Coffee Pots:  Main Page

            I have gone through the whole lot and there isn't an exact match. As Gonzo89 and Richwood observe, it has a lot in common with the Silex & Cory models, but I am yet to see anything that matches the shape of the handle or the stacked lids/stand.


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              I feel bad now because I should have saved you the time, I too looked at the entire catalogue without any luck. i must say it is the most impressive catalogue I have found online. It is a great guide for dating the vacs you might find but yes finding the manufacturer is a whole different game


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                Gonzo, please don't feel bad - it was an edifying experience. My apologies fot not following up with more pictures of the lids. Here they are Click image for larger version

Name:	1427000494498.jpg
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Name:	1427000521214.jpg
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                  Thanks for the pictures The search can go a little further if we can identify a manufacturer from the serial number..somehow. The clearer pictures of the lids should also help.


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                    One difficulty is that there were a number of makers who made items for catalog houses such as Sears and Wards or for some store chains. I have run across a Nicro stainless steel vacuum brewer with a MW number on it which apparently is a Montgomery Ward catalog number. Actually seen photos of two of them, one with only the MW number and one with the same number and the Nicro logo on the carafe bottom which identified it as a Nicro made item. How many chain exclusive items were sold by Woolworth's for example.