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CRISIS - need Aeropress filter paper.

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  • CRISIS - need Aeropress filter paper.

    Hi everyone, I've gone camping out in Nelson Bay, and have packed my Aeropress but in my haste, forgot my filter papers! I've called around and no cafes in the area have any filter coffee. Any ideas on a substitute? I'm thinking if worse comes to worse then I'll do a mission to a supermarket and get some Harris filter papers or something like that and cut them down. Get all Macgyver.


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    As you suggested, go to a supermarket, buy some coffee filter cones and cut circles out of it. Buy some scissors if you don't already have a pair.

    When you get back, buy yourself a metal Aeropress filter disk (they're in Beanbay) and keep it with the Ap. You'll get better tasting coffee and never get caught out again.


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      yeah I must say first purchase I made after my aeropress was the able disk . So much more flavor to my coffee, as I work up north I am stuck on portable coffee devices and wouldn't be able to get filters in a pinch . Good luck with the Harris filters though


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        Thanks guys. I'm waiting to run out of the paper filters before getting the metal disc. I've managed to get some filter papers from the shops. This will hold out for the week!
        Click image for larger version

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          Not wanting to threadjack, well just a little.

          Thoughts on the aeropress v ROK Presso?

          Looking to get a manual machine for work, narrowed it to these two. Would prefer the ability to do shots but understand that is a no go with the aero press

          And great job with the filters, criss averted


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            hey giddyupgaz . I have an aeropress now I use it daily at work and it's great , I am looking at a rok at home in the next month , so why not just both ;-) people have said great things about the rok and there is a good forum on this manual machine section


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              You can re-use the paper filters. Just rinse and repeat. Should get you through your camping trip.


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                Cheers Padams84, appreciate the help - and yes both seems like the way to go so I know what works best for my needs.

                Will check out the other part of the forum, I'm using the app on iPad, bit clunky to move around and find what you need Ive found


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                  I've found the Aeropress more convenient to use than the ROK.


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                    ROK--close to real espresso.
                    Aeropress--really good "filtered" coffee.



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                      Cheers, then a ROK is what I'm after then

                      Thanks for the advice


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                        In a pinch I've used serviettes (rinsed several times!) as substitute filter papers. So with Harris filters, you're doing well! Just don't press down too hard - I imagine they'd crumble more quickly. Definitely wouldn't be reusable.

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                          Mate I have just bought a metal filter for this reason but went with an Italian made one and the results have been mind blowing, probably along the lines of Able etc etc..

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                            2 posts, two links to the same commercial site. Nice debut.