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Stovetop Coffee Percolator = Good pour over kettle

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  • Stovetop Coffee Percolator = Good pour over kettle

    I know it's not a really popular brew method here, but I had to try it for myself.... I picked up the percolator in the picture for $4 (online auction).... I've only made 1 brew so far and it was actually quite alright.... I used some beans from Panama (Hartmann) (Not Geisha), coarsely ground, once the water was up to boiling I turned the temperature down waited for it to lower a little from boiling and put the basket with the coffee inside and put the lid on. The temperature was still enough to keep it perc'ing but it wasn't full on boiling the heck out of it either... I perc'd it for 5 minutes as from what I'd read I was lead to believe any longer would result in bitter coffee.... I think I would let it go for 8 minutes next time given how course the grind was (much coarser than french press which I brew for 6 minutes). Anyway I could still taste the origin characteristics, and it was a pretty clean cup. It was a little cleaner than FP, and I the taste was a little more mellow / mild which is why I would perc for 8 minutes next time. Anyway I was quite impressed given where my expectations were at from reading on here and other places around the net.... Pretty good for a first attempt, tho I did spend a fair bit of time reading & watching videos on perc'ing coffee to suss out what works and what doesn't

    The added bonus is it doubles as a really good stovetop kettle for pour over brewing! I will have to get myself a chemex or V60 or something of the sort... In playing around with it I have really good control over the flow rate etc... I'd been thinking about getting the Hario stovetop kettle but I think I will use this instead and use the funds allocated to the Hario kettle for something else like the Chemex or V60!!!

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    Pre 1970s and the introduction of Mr. Coffee probably 80+% of Americans used percolators, either stove top or electric automatics. Results can vary considerably depending on the coffee and operator for stove top units and if an automatic on how well the thermostat still works. Personally I prefer vacuum brewing. Looking at your pot and the long spout I can see where it would be fine for pour over brewing with good control. If using the percolator mechanism often then get a long narrow brush for keeping the percolator tube clean.


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      As a kid in the late 1960s I sometimes used to spend weekends with and uncle and aunty. There was ALWAYS a percolator going on the stove. My Uncle--amazingly he really is called Bob --is in his 70s now and still likes a short black--I recently passed on my old Breville 800 to him when I bought a Silvia (best decision I've made for a while). Anyway, he told me that he always used to put a pinch of salt in the percolator. Not sure what the chemistry is, but he swears that it enhanced the flavour.


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        yeah salt in the brew is a real thing. It will have a noticeable effect in extraction while brewing (not necessarily good), but it also suppresses our perception of bitterness, so added post brew it can be a thing too. It's a bit old school so you don't hear much about it anymore.