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Cona Coffee Machine - Table Model Deluxe Size No IIA????

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  • Cona Coffee Machine - Table Model Deluxe Size No IIA????

    I have just acquired a Cona Coffee Machine - Table Model Deluxe Size No IIA

    Click image for larger version

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    I noticed in the review section one of this model (but with cork seals) had a bakelite lid (posted by Sorrentina)... Mine has no lid.... Does anyone know if these all originally had lids for the funnel (top chamber)???

    I've read on the net of a few people complaining of splashing from the funnel at some stage or another during the coffee making and them using plates as the solution, which just seems like a shame for such a machine.

    So I really would like to know if it had a lid originally and if anyone knows of anyone/anywhere I could get a lid from.... I've tried emailing Cona in the UK, and also ClassicCona also in the UK, but am still waiting to hear back from them.

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    Ok apparently the Bakelite lid shown in the review thread is not a Cona original part so I can stop worrying the mine doesn't have one, it appears mine is in original and complete condition! It has only had 1 owner prior to me since new! It would be handy to have a funnel stand tho!


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      Ok my Cona arrived yesterday..........

      I brewed up a batch and got a pretty good result first time round.... As I was just learning so to speak I used some beans (colombian blend medium roast for espresso machines) which might be better suited to other brew methods according to what I read... Anyway the resulting coffee was quite alright I drank it with milk... The left over grounds formed a nice sort of mound in the funnel and were quite dry.

      Some questions I have tho....

      How long should the draw down take to complete once the flame is extinguished?? (not using cold towels or anything like that)... It took a few minutes (more than 5) I'm unsure if that's normal or not... I used the most coarse espresso grind setting on my BCG800 Breville Smart Grinder for the brew. (I've never had to grind that coarse for espresso!

      I think my model Table Deluxe Size No IIa (2a) has a capacity of around 900mls... I only brewed 480mls with approx 20 grams of coffee (It worked out a 7.25grams per 6oz water). I think it's not really advised to brew less than capacity but I really just wanted to have a play!

      Will different coffee beans need different grind size (like espresso)??

      I really just want to get everything under control before I brew some of the Geisha from Peru I have....

      Any tips appreciated!


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        5+ minutes draw down seems long. My Nicro stainless steel 12 cup American vacuum maker is in the 2 minute range to draw down fully with a full pot but there can be large differences depending on filter used and coffee grind coarseness. I use the Nicro steel disc filter. When vacuum pot grind was common commercially in the USA it was a bit finer than drip grind but coarser than a Moka grind if memory serves. Lots coarser than true espresso grind.

        You should not need to vary grind appreciably for different beans. Too fine a grind may stall draw down by plugging the filter and some filter designs are more subject to stalling than others.