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    Andy, what's your take on the app controlled Brazen? Worth waiting for or hype? Is there a default program if one drops one's phone in the toilet before headed to the kitchen to brew a pot?

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    The "Connected Brazen" is a cool gizmo that doesn't exist!

    The USA will get their voltage one pretty soon but we won't see it for near 12 months (not even a 220v prototype yet)

    So... our American friends are beta testing before the 220v brewer is made, they can find all the bugs and we will get a better brewer with none of the teething problems of a new device (like dropping your phone in the toilet) ;-)

    Your best bet is to grab one of the current 220v Brazen Brewers, it's a great device and far more repeatable, accurate and configurable than any other brewer on the market. In theory, when the connected Brazen comes out in AU we will also be offering an "upgrade kit" so you update your existing brewer to "connected" if you choose to do so.


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      Sounds great! I'm in!


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        So now thats its been nearly 16months, is there a 220v version of the Connected Brazen yet?


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          ...which is exactly the reason I always try and avoid giving a date or a time for something that I have zero control over...
          If I can't touch it, it doesn't exist and asking "are we there yet" can only make it slower.

          We don't even have a prototype in our voltage yet and even when that exists it will need AU electrical certifications done so please don't hold your breath.

          When available it will appear in BeanBay and I will do a review on it.

          Till then, grab a Brazen Plus and enjoy it (we do every single day!)