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YouBrew kicked the bucket, now am addicted to drip coffee :(

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  • YouBrew kicked the bucket, now am addicted to drip coffee :(

    Bought the Breville YouBrew last Christmas for $99 from Myers. Tried to brew a cup this Friday and there's no water coming out of it. The grinder works fine though. Breville has discontinued the model, so only option out is get the $ back. Checking on reviews about the other Breville drip coffee maker (Aroma Style), it suffers from the exact same problem as the YouBrew, it can suddenly stop pouring water. The 1 year YouBrew did work, it made some good drip coffee. So much so, I sold my sunbeam espresso since it was hardly getting used. Which brought me to this website to check what others have been using as their drip machine.

    Found the Behmor Brazen Plus at the BeanBay, so that looks like a good alternative. My other option was the Moccamaster classic. Any opinion on either of them? Also will need a grinder for the Brazen if I pick that up, any recommendations on a budget grinder? Does the Brazen take a re-usable gold filter? Any where near Gold Coast/Brisbane I can pick up the Brazen? Will be hard to live without my drip coffee through the Christmas


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    The Brazen comes with a re-usable gold filter and you can order one right here and have it way before Christmas.

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