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Question About Bottling Cold Drip Coffee

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  • Question About Bottling Cold Drip Coffee

    Does anybody here bottle their own cold drip coffee? I need to know whether I absolutely have to flush the bottles with C02 gas before bottling. I was all set to bottle my brew and I read about this somewhere.


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    It depends how long you intend to store it.

    I found that 7 to 10 days there would start to be a noticeable deterioration in quality and that is in a sealed bottle with no air space in the fridge. If its only going to be drowned with milk and sugar add another week or so...

    I use to home brew and when filling bottles from kegs would flush thoroughly with CO2 and fill under pressure. These would last in the fridge for a couple of months. As opposed to just filling them and without flushing, they really needed to be consumed within a couple of days or I could taste the effects of oxidation.

    No doubt flushing and filling under CO2 pressure would greatly increase the shelf life of cold brew coffee. Most of the bigger operations would be storing in kegs just like beer.

    Oh and of course keeping storage vessels really and sanitising helps as well.


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      I don't flush but I try and bottle as soon as possible after extraction has finished, and I minimize the air pocket by filling to the neck of the bottle and I have no problem drinking 1 month post production. After that there is a noticeable deteriation in flavour but under normal circumstances product would be consumed before then anyway