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How Long Post Roast For Pour Over Coffee?

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  • How Long Post Roast For Pour Over Coffee?


    I recently received a 3 in 1 Brewover and am new to non espresso brewing. I always wait at least 8 days before using roasted coffee for espresso. But I have read in the odd place here and there, that you do not have to wait that long for pour over. So, I would like to know,

    * How long do you personally wait after your coffee is roasted, before using it for the pour over method?

    * And what do you think is the absolute minimum waiting time required, before it tastes way too sharp?

    Thank you for the input.

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    It really depends on your coffee. I can brew a Hario pour-over immediately post roast (with some coffee). It tastes great! I'm sipping a cup of Ethiopian that's been resting for 8 days right now which tastes good.

    Perhaps try letting lighter roasts rest longer and darker roasts less? Brewing pour over is much less fickle than espresso in my limited experience - meaning less rest time. Try a CS9 roast at 5/8/12 and 15/18 days to experiment (unless you roast your own).


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      I rarely start consuming beans before 10 days and finding my roasts are usually at their best around the 12 day mark.

      Minimum rest time is to your taste and there are other parameters involved such as bean type and roast style as sprezzatura mentioned. Some are happy to consume their beans straight after roasting. I have tried this once or twice and it was surprisingly good.